SINOYQX YarQuenXer melamine foam can be composite with PVC, felt, non-woven fabrics and PU panel and can be applied to rail transit industry such as high-speed rail, light rail and subway. Melamine foam is adopted at driver’s cab, switch cabinets, engine rooms, air conditioning ducts as thermal insulation and sound absorption. As the melamine foam has a property of light weight, it could lower the vehicle weight, improve the safety when turn around and decrease energy consumption.


SINOYQX Thermal, Sound, & Cold Insulation for Trains, made from SINOYQX melamine foam series, is a light-weight, excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation performance and fire-resistance foam. It is ideal materials for trains sound, thermal & could insulation.



With the constant development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s life quality, people have more and more realized the importance of environment.

As traditional construction material has greatly polluted environment and hugely consumed resources, fabric wrapped soft panel, for it’s eco-friendly and low consumption, has enjoy good reputation recently.

The idea of fabric wrapped soft panel was first came up with at International Material Science Forum. They have defined green material as the material which has the smallest environment load and is not harmful to human beings in raw material purchase, production, application and recycle. Since then fabric wrapped soft panel became a new choice in construction.

Sound Softener MF type, Eco-friendly High-end Fabric Wrapped Soft Acoustic Panel is a new application of SINOYQX melamine foam. It possesses all the brilliant characteristics of melamine foam such as sound absorption, fire resistance, light weight, physical stability and has an elegant appearance. SINOYQX has worked together with China Construction Shenzhen Decoration CO., LTD (CCSD), offered professional acoustic service for iCON Cloud Center with newly promoted, Sound Softener MF type, Eco-friendly High-end Fabric Wrapped Soft Acoustic Panel.


SINOYQX YarQuenXer melamine acoustic foam has two key functions in acoustic field, one is noise removing and the other is sound quality beautifying. YarQuenXer melamine acoustic foam is a Class B1 fire retardant acoustical melamine foam, it is easy to install and performance great sound absorption property. It also passes fire resistance test, meets the standard of UL94V-0.

According to performance and raw material, the soft acoustic panel can be divided into four types: fire resistance soft acoustic panel, fabric wrapped soft acoustic panel, leather soft acoustic panel and non-woven fabric wrapped soft acoustic panel.


1. Fire resistance soft acoustic panel is a new material that has the function of fire resistance. The biggest advantage of fire resistance soft acoustic panel is that it has not only satisfied the defensive needs of building materials, but also had no impact on other functions the building materials have. As a result, it became the best seller of the market.


2. Fabric wrapped soft acoustic panel takes fabric as one of the raw materials. After operating with special technology, it can obstruct the transmission of sound. For its characteristic of non-toxic, eco-friendly and it also can be used in decoration, fabric wrapped soft acoustic panel enjoys a great reputation.


3. Leather soft acoustic panel adopts artificial leather as raw material. It has various functions such as dust-proof, decoration, sound absorption and thermal insulation, and different colors of leather soft acoustic panels can be produced according to customers’ needs. By now, it was mainly applied in places such as KTV, cinema and theater.


4. Non-woven fabric wrapped soft acoustic panel is an acoustic material made by non-woven fabric. This kind of acoustic materials have not been wildly used yet, but in some occasions which have special needs of sound absorption and thermal insulation, it is a common material.


SINOYQX, worked with China Construction Shenzhen Decoration CO., LTD (CCSD), offered professional acoustic service for the 12th EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair with newly promoted Eco-friendly High-end Fabric Wrapped Soft Acoustic Panel.

What is soft acoustic panel

Soft acoustic panel can be divided into fabric wrapped soft acoustic panel, leather wrapped soft acoustic panel and fire-resistance soft acoustic panel, it is a new building material that can be applied to house decoration. Generally, soft acoustic panel is used as sound absorption materials for constructions to replace traditional acoustic panels. Now, soft acoustic panel is wildly used in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, conference rooms, cinemas and gyms etc. Its characteristics of non-toxic, smellless and eco-friendly made it became the best choice for real estate developers.


The characteristics of soft acoustic panel

Sound absorption: As traditional acoustic materials cannot effectively obstruct the transmission of sound, the emergence of soft acoustic panel solved this problem. Adopting soft acoustic panel made it possible that the noise be absorbed during the process of transmission and until it lower down to the level human can feel.


Flexibility: The materials soft acoustic panel has adopted is flexible and soft, so it is very convenient to install.


Besides, soft acoustic panel also has the function of thermal insulation, so it has a wilder application than that of traditional acoustic panel. All these characteristics have made soft acoustic panel be able to apply in a wider range.


SINOYQX, worked with China Construction Shenzhen Decoration CO., LTD (CCSD), offered professional acoustic service for the 12th EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair with newly promoted Eco-friendly High-end Fabric Wrapped Soft Acoustic Panel.

According to the latest report of IHS, in 2016, the global needs of building chemicals reached up to 11millon tons with a market value of 34 billion dollars. Among which China accounted for the biggest part, 34%, the next is West Europe, 21%, the third one is North America, 15%. The report also predicted that the global needs of building chemicals will increase up to 13.6 million tons in 2021. IHS said that from 2006 to 2016, Chinese construction industry investment saw a rapid increase, the annual growth of which is up to 11%; from 2016 to 2021, the annual growth of Chinese architecture industry investment will slow down to 4-5%.


Building chemicals are mainly used for increasing building materials’ property or construction reliability, including concrete admixture, asphalt additive, adhesive, sealant, special coating and thermal insulation materials. The main trend which has an impact on building chemicals is including: globalization, accretion of population, construction demand increase caused by the growth of living standard, especially in developing countries, the integration of industries, especially in North America and West Europe and the increase of concrete additive.


The demand of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission is promoting the development of construction industry. According to ICCA’s report, the energy consumption of construction industry accounted for about 33% of global energy consumption. Statistics from UNEP show that the greenhouse gas emission of construction industry accounted for more than 33% of global greenhouse gas emission, and for every one ton of concrete, about one ton CO2 will be released into the environment.


As the demand of building chemicals is increasing and the need of adopting an eco-friendly material is urgent, it is important for construction companies to use a new material. YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, is Melamine resin foam plastic (called Melamine Foam) made from melamine resin. It is a kind of open-cell (over 99% open rate) thermosetting and eco-friendly foam. YarQuenXer Melamine Foam are used in industry, building, transportation, aviation as sound insulation and thermal insulation applications and magic sponge thanks to its excellent sound absorption performance and thermal insulation performance, light-weight, etc properties.

Talking about melamine foam, there are so many people have question about it. The main reason they would have question is because the impact of SanLu milk powder incident.


First, we’d like to explain that melamine is nontoxic, but it doesn’t mean that melamine is edible. Melamine is an indigestible material, when added it in milk powder would cause problems like malnutrition and kidney stone.


Melamine foam, however, for its special 3D structure, possesses a strong cleaning ability, and it also has great physical stability, insoluble in water and is eco-friendly. So as cleaning tool, melamine foam is a safe and good choice.


YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, is able to be processed into or cut into variety of magic sponge or magic eraser, for melamine foam has strong soft abrasives and adsorption of obstinate stain and dust.

Hospitality industry is an important part of Chinese service industry, and is one of the few industries which first integrated with global market and make the greatest progress. Modern hotels are no longer restricted to offer accommodation only, but also enhance its service range to the fields of conference, business, leisure and entertainment. Under this diversified requirement, how to provide better entertainment and business services in the premise of ensuring hotel’s operation, customers’ safety and their privacy has become a new challenge.


By its broadcast production line, Bose’s security and protection system successfully win the project of Guangzhou Sheraton Hotel, managed to supply public broadcast equipment and professional sound system.


It is necessary to realize the sound coverage of many spaces in a hotel like the lobby, shopping mall, dining room, corridor, banquet hall and room. This time, Bose offered a customized public broadcast solution for Guangzhou Sheraton to satisfied its requirements. This solution including Bose’s Praesideo digital broadcasting system. This system is in accordance with the latest standard of International Emergency Broadcasting System and adopting a circuit detecting technology thus to make sure the whole system’s equipment is under the monitor of central control unit all the time.


As Bose’s supplier, SINOYQX provides acoustic fillers in professional speakers, and we also devoted ourselves to provide the best product and service for every customer.

The new series of BYD Auto domestic MPV — Song MAX is estimated to appear on the market in September this year. The designing scheme of this car added Egger’s inspiration, whom is the former design director of Audi, the overall car appearance is more elegant and beautiful. As a result, Song MAX is honored as the most beautiful car BYD has developed so far.


During the process of car performance test analysis, besides the test towards all this performance, the outside environment is also make sense. For example, the performance test towards Song-MAX is proceeded in the anechoic chamber which installed acoustic wedge.


Anechoic chamber is not only a special laboratory for acoustic testing but also an important part of testing system. it is also one of the acoustic testing equipment, the acoustic performance of which directly influences testing precision. Its acoustical treatment is the key to ensure to get a good free sound field performance, so acoustic wedges or flat resonance absorption structure are usually adapted.


Acoustic wedges are a special acoustic material, according to different raw materials, it could be divided to inorganic fiber acoustic material, organic acoustic material and acoustic foam. sinoyqx has long been devoted ourselves to the research, development, produce and sale of melamine foam. Our products can be applied to fields like acoustic, automobile, railway, architecture and cleaning.

hat is magic sponge, and what are its special effects?


Here’s the answer. Magic sponge is made of a kind of high-tech and eco-friendly new material, SINOYQX YQX-W type, which can clean almost all the dirt and stains without any detergent but just water.


It can be used to clean office supplies, household appliance, stainless steel, glass, tiles, leather sofa and wood floor etc.

 forth step third step first step

In your kitchen, there’s kitchen ventilator full of greasy dirt. On your office table, there’s a mug with stubborn coffee stain. You’ve tried all you can do to clean those little trouble but making no progress. But now, use this little magic sponge, all problems are solved. The more magic part is, it does not need detergent, just some water, the whole world is clean and clear. The steel wool, scouring pad and detergent can be replaced by just one little magic sponge. Housework will never be hard and tedious with magic sponge.