Is Melamine Foam Toxic or Not?

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Talking about melamine foam, there are so many people have question about it. The main reason they would have question is because the impact of SanLu milk powder incident.


First, we’d like to explain that melamine is nontoxic, but it doesn’t mean that melamine is edible. Melamine is an indigestible material, when added it in milk powder would cause problems like malnutrition and kidney stone.


Melamine foam, however, for its special 3D structure, possesses a strong cleaning ability, and it also has great physical stability, insoluble in water and is eco-friendly. So as cleaning tool, melamine foam is a safe and good choice.


YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, is able to be processed into or cut into variety of magic sponge or magic eraser, for melamine foam has strong soft abrasives and adsorption of obstinate stain and dust.

BOSE has Cooperated with Guangzhou Sheraton

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Hospitality industry is an important part of Chinese service industry, and is one of the few industries which first integrated with global market and make the greatest progress. Modern hotels are no longer restricted to offer accommodation only, but also enhance its service range to the fields of conference, business, leisure and entertainment. Under this diversified requirement, how to provide better entertainment and business services in the premise of ensuring hotel’s operation, customers’ safety and their privacy has become a new challenge.


By its broadcast production line, Bose’s security and protection system successfully win the project of Guangzhou Sheraton Hotel, managed to supply public broadcast equipment and professional sound system.


It is necessary to realize the sound coverage of many spaces in a hotel like the lobby, shopping mall, dining room, corridor, banquet hall and room. This time, Bose offered a customized public broadcast solution for Guangzhou Sheraton to satisfied its requirements. This solution including Bose’s Praesideo digital broadcasting system. This system is in accordance with the latest standard of International Emergency Broadcasting System and adopting a circuit detecting technology thus to make sure the whole system’s equipment is under the monitor of central control unit all the time.


As Bose’s supplier, SINOYQX provides acoustic fillers in professional speakers, and we also devoted ourselves to provide the best product and service for every customer.

Melamine Wedge Foam

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The new series of BYD Auto domestic MPV — Song MAX is estimated to appear on the market in September this year. The designing scheme of this car added Egger’s inspiration, whom is the former design director of Audi, the overall car appearance is more elegant and beautiful. As a result, Song MAX is honored as the most beautiful car BYD has developed so far.


During the process of car performance test analysis, besides the test towards all this performance, the outside environment is also make sense. For example, the performance test towards Song-MAX is proceeded in the anechoic chamber which installed acoustic wedge.


Anechoic chamber is not only a special laboratory for acoustic testing but also an important part of testing system. it is also one of the acoustic testing equipment, the acoustic performance of which directly influences testing precision. Its acoustical treatment is the key to ensure to get a good free sound field performance, so acoustic wedges or flat resonance absorption structure are usually adapted.


Acoustic wedges are a special acoustic material, according to different raw materials, it could be divided to inorganic fiber acoustic material, organic acoustic material and acoustic foam. sinoyqx has long been devoted ourselves to the research, development, produce and sale of melamine foam. Our products can be applied to fields like acoustic, automobile, railway, architecture and cleaning.

What are The Magic Effects of Magic Sponge?

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hat is magic sponge, and what are its special effects?


Here’s the answer. Magic sponge is made of a kind of high-tech and eco-friendly new material, SINOYQX YQX-W type, which can clean almost all the dirt and stains without any detergent but just water.


It can be used to clean office supplies, household appliance, stainless steel, glass, tiles, leather sofa and wood floor etc.

 forth step third step first step

In your kitchen, there’s kitchen ventilator full of greasy dirt. On your office table, there’s a mug with stubborn coffee stain. You’ve tried all you can do to clean those little trouble but making no progress. But now, use this little magic sponge, all problems are solved. The more magic part is, it does not need detergent, just some water, the whole world is clean and clear. The steel wool, scouring pad and detergent can be replaced by just one little magic sponge. Housework will never be hard and tedious with magic sponge.

SINOYQX Magic Sponge

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Magic Eraser Sponge, made from SINOYQX Melamine Foam series, is a revolutionary cleaning sponge that cleans with water only. Because of its unique physical decontamination ability, it could be applied to the cleaning of tile, leather clothes, door, leather seat and wheel hub etc.


The SINOYQX Magic Sponge has occupied the cleaning market since it has first appeared. It has replaced the traditional cleaning tools in areas such as America and Europe.

 SINOYQX Magic Sponge

Magic Sponge could be cut into any size. By now in the market, the regular size is: 10*6*2cm, 10*7*3cm, 9*6*3cm, 11.7*6.1*2.5cm etc. Bonding with other materials like scouring pad, magic sponge could be regard as a better cleaning tool with higher added value. Now, more and more consumers started to accept the cleaning ability of magic sponge and the healthy lifestyle of living without detergent.

The Research Development in Melamine Foam Foaming

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Melamine foam is a soft and open-cell foam material with three-dimensional network structure, made of by melamine resin. It possesses advantages of low-density, good flexibility, sound absorption, thermal insulation, and fire resistance.


The application of melamine foam in the fields of thermal insulation and sound absorption, for example, adopting melamine foam as sound absorption and facing material, developed flexible acoustic enclosure technology thus enables the noise level inside cabin to reach the national military standard.


Due to solidified melamine resin foam could be rather hard and fragile, it is very important to change its property. By introducing flexible molecule between contiguous thiotriazinones to lower the system’s degree of cross-linking, flexibilizer could change melamine resin foam’s property. In this way, it could greatly increase the flexibility of melamine foam.


At the same time, microwave is adopted to replace the traditional heating foaming method. Elaborated researches of the impact of microwave radiant power and foaming time on foam structure and property have been made to make up for the deficiency of microwave foaming.

SINOYQX Melamine Foam Application in Automotive Industry

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As the second melamine foam manufacturer after BASF, SINOYQX has started melamine foam researching and production back to 2008. Our company has much experience in designing and manufacturing foam components used in automotive manufacturing. For our automotive customers, innovation takes many shapes but each solution is shaped by a level of design, materials and process expertise that is unique to SINOYQX Products.

Due to its high performance of heat insulation, light weight, and sound absorption, thermos-forming, and fire resistance, in the field of car application, SINOYQX melamine foam could be used as engine hood, and the usage of melamine foam could also reduce components’ weight and be helpful for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Using melamine foam inside could effectively reflect and consume noise, block engine’s radiant heat at the same, to protect the engine hood lacquer from high temperature. For example, BMW has applied our products as engine hood inside liner.

The Function of Fillers in Professional Speaker

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Filling fiberglass, foam, acoustic foam and Dacron inside the speaker could absorb reflected wave and restrain standing wave.

The fillers could increase acoustic volume, add the mass load of damp and voice coil and have an impact on the resonant frequency and Q value of the system.


The formula of speaker’s mechanical compliance is:

Cab=VB/(ρ*C2) —-(the square of C)


VB: the volume of the speaker

C: the speed of sound in internal medium(m/s)

ρ: the density of medium inside the speaker(kg/m3)


The fillers inside the speaker would increase ρ but decrease C. The change of ρ and C is very complicated, but their product is smaller than that of without fillers. As a result, Cab should be larger than that of without fillers. That is to say, there should be a bigger speaker, with no fillers, it can reach the mechanical compliance value which there is a filler inside the speaker.


Another formula of speaker’s mechanical compliance is:



P stands for atmosphere pressure, γ stands for specific heat, which is a constant related to the transformation of pressure and volume.

Δp=-γΔv (according to the equation of the state of adiathermic ideal gas, pvγ= constant )

Δp stands for the percentage of pressure change

Δv stands for the percentage of volume change


The above formula indicates that once volume is increased, the pressure would decrease; once the volume is decreased, the pressure would increase. With the horn diaphragm moving backwards, the volume of speaker decreases, the pressure increases and then there would be a force toward the diaphragm.


The temperature would increase when the air is compressed and would decrease when the air is expanded. If the heat, which is gathered when the air is compressed, can not be dissipated, it can only lead the temperature of itself be increased. This process is adiabatic process. When the air is compressed or expanded rapidly, there would be such a process. At this time, γ=1.41; if the compression process is slow and the increased heat is dissipated around, but the temperature remains unchanged, this would be a constant temperature process. At this time, γ=1.0.


In speaker’s sound wave effect, compression is generally being considered as a process of adiabatic  process, the reason why is this process changed too fast. While when there are fillers inside the speaker, as these filling materials enjoy high thermal conductivity, the air inside speaker is close to the constant temperature process. At this time,  γ is between 1.0-1.4, and γ is related to the acoustic volume and physical volume of the speaker.



γF stands for γ with fillers

Actually, Vab is 15%-20% larger than VB.


When calculated with an example, the result indicates that, after adding fillers inside the speaker, the mass loading impedance increased 12% (when sealed an empty speaker, the mass loading impedance of horn increased 8.8%). This is because the fillers move together with the diaphragm. And the effective volume is increased 15% than physical volume.



To buy or customize you acoustic fillers, please contact SINOYQX at: or +86-28-8411-1861.

Melamine Foam Application in Acoustics

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SINOYQX produces melamine foam which can be used as acoustic foam. It has two key functions in acoustic field, one is noise removing and the other is sound quality beautifying. For noise removing, our best seller is pyramid melamine foam.

Pyramid melamine foam is process by melamine foam, and it possess some series great properties such as sound absorption, thermal insulation and fire resistance etc. Pyramid melamine foam can be used in the fields of architecture, transportation, shipping industry and aerospace industry etc.

Due to its elegant shape and brilliant acoustic characteristic, pyramid melamine foam has enhanced its ability of installation. For example, it is wildly used in recording studios, conference halls and theaters.

SINOYQX had cooperated with Acoustafoam, a British company with over 37 years experience in the industry of foam processing and components manufacturing.

We offer a large range of acoustic materials which are commonly used to line the acoustic enclosures and canopies surrounding generators, as well as for acoustic kits within compressors and generators.

SINOYQX Flat Faced Melamine Foam

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SINOYQX produces high quality acoustical melamine foam. It’s a class A fire retardant,which would not melt or produce burning droplets when meeting fire,and great sound absorber with high performance. This could be used as hanging acoustical baffles in the fields of industrial, commercial, audio, churches and schools etc. We also offer acoustic melamine foam with both natural white and gray color and customized color is also available.