Automobile Making

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, is ideally used as automobile heat and sound insulation materials, thanks to its more than 99% open-cell rate, exhibiting excellent sound absorption values, meanwhile by thermoformed with felt, fabrics, metal foil or plastic film, it then used as sound insulators and mufflers orĀ heat shields.

Noise is mainly from the vibration of motor, the friction between wheels and the ground, whistling sound of air, resonance of automobile body, etc. To eliminate noise, sound absorption material is used to separate and absorb noise as main measure except design. New energy automobile will be favored more and more.

YarQuenXer provides high sound absorption performance, excellent thermal insulation, fire-resistance performance, but light-weight, therefore, YarQuenXer is the most ideal material for transportation applications. It can provide important support to noise reducing, comport increasing and level rising.