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YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, is ideally used as track body and engine heat and sound insulation materials, thanks to its more than 99% open-cell rate, exhibiting excellent sound absorption values, meanwhile by thermoformed with felt, fabrics, metal foil or plastic film, it then used as sound insulators and mufflers or heat shields.

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, especially in high-speed rail and electric locomotive, and metro, etc track vehicles, the comprehensive properties, high sound absorption performance, excellent thermal insulation staff, low weight property, fire-resistance and eco-friendly for human being and environment, etc. work out best solutions.

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam is the appointed sound & thermal insulation materials for CSR all Kinds of trains, CRH China Railway High-speed, CSR Metros, Electric Locomotives, etc.

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