YarQuenXer, Melamine foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, has two key functions in acoustic field, one is noise removing and the other is sound quality beautifying.

Although the other materials have the corresponding functions, yet they hidden danger to safety and health, due to the imperfect comprehensive properties.

Melamine foam has high flame retardancy, stability, sanitation, processing and dyeing. It is all-round sound absorption material.

SINOYQX provides melamine foam post-processing services according to client’s requests, right moment supplying anechoic wedges, hanging baffles, max wedges acoustical, and pyramid acoustical, etc.

SINOYQX Tranqex Insulator, as 3M Thinsulate alternative, is able to use in consumers fields and as well industry as acoustic solution.

SINOYQX offers Melamine Acoustic Foam lines:

  1. Anechoic Wedges
  2. Hanging Baffle
  3. Max Wedges Acoustical
  4. Pyramid Acoustical
  5. Tranquex Insulator (3M Thinsulate Alternative)

To order or customize SINOYQX Melamine Acoustic Foam and Tranquex Insulator (3M Thinsulate Alternative), please feel free to contact us via: sales@sinoyqx.com or by: +86-28-8411-1861.