three-dimensional grid structure-melamine foamYarQuenXer Melamine Foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, is Melamine resin foam plastic (called Melamine Foam) made from melamine resin. It is a kind of open-cell (over 99% open rate) thermosetting and eco-friendly foam.


YarQuenXer Melamine Foam are used in industry, building, transportation, aviation as sound insulation and thermal insulation applications and magic sponge thanks to its excellent sound absorption performance and thermal insulation performance, light-weight, etc properties.



YarQuenXer Melamine Foam Brochure

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam Material Safety Data Sheet

To download SINOYQX Melamine Foam other files( Sound Absouption Testing Reports, Thermal Insulation Testing Reports, Fire-Retardancy Testing Reports, and Formaldehyde Releasing, etc), please email via or voice to us at: +86-28-8411-1861.