1. Sound Absorption Property

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, is Melamine resin foam plastic (called Melamine Foam) made from melamine resin. It is a kind of open-cell (over 99% open rate) thermosetting and eco-friendly foam. Sound wave, therefore, can go into the innermost of foam conveniently and effectively and transformed to vibration of grid, thereby being consumed and absorbed and eliminating reflected wave effectively as well. It has good sound absorption performance in a wide audio range, especially High-middle frequency.

  1. Flame Retardancy

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, can meet the requirements of the following standards without any flame retardant or additive:

a)         DIN4102-1, Class B1 low flammable material standard

b)         UL84-V0 high flame retardant material standard

c)         Fireproofing authentication of BS 6853, NF F16-101 and DIN5510

d)         GB/T8624-2006, Class B (non-flammable) retardant flammable material standard

Excellent flame retardancy property is shown as below:

Prompt Carbonization: When contact with open flame, no flame is formed, no drips, the surface of melamine foam carbonizes immediately, oxygen is isolated and reaction speed slows down.

Stop Burning Immediately: Once open flame leaves, YarQuenXer Melamine Foam stops burning straight away, no spark.

e)         Low density of smoke: Smoke is the main cause of human injury in fire disaster.

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam is below 15, which is far lower than foam material of same kind, e.g. the density of smoke of flame retardant PU foam is below 75 (GB/T8627-2007 Test Method for Density of Smoke from Burning or Decomposition of Building Materials).

  1. Heat Insulating and Thermal Insulation Property

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam three-dimensional grid structure effectively inhibits the convection and heat transfer of air, which results in excellent heat insulating and thermal insulation. Meanwhile, good heat stability of melamine foam ensures heat insulating and thermal insulation.

  1. Heat-resistant Stability

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, belongs to thermosetting polymer and has dense netlike cross-linking structure. It has good heat-resistant stability and aging-resistance compared with PE, PP and PU. It can work stably within -150℃~200℃ for a long time and can bear 240℃ for a short time.

  1. Low Density

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, has 4-12kg/m3 of density. It is one of the lightest foam plastics on the market. It can be tailored upon customer’s request.

  1. Sanitation

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, is non-toxic, odorless, no fiber or powder diffusion and has unique chemical stability or chemical-resistance performance due to its stable chemical structure and cross-linking structure, hence meeting the requirements of food sanitation class. It can be extensively used in daily-use commodity, food industry, electronic industry, indoor decoration, transportation meals, etc. It is the optimum choice.

  1. Post-Processing

YarQuenXer Melamine Foam, can be any required shape by machining such as cutting, scraping and revolving, and hot pressing. In the meanwhile, YarQuenXer Melamine Foam can be combined with many materials to form sound absorption, thermal insulation and heat insulating materials to meet the requirements of different occasions and working conditions.