Thermal & Cold Insulation for PipesYarQuenXer Thermal & Cold Insulation for Pipes & Ductwork, made by SINOYQX Melamine Foam I series, is a open cell porous eco-friendly and light-weight foam, resulting in excellent sound absorption performance and thermal insulation performance. It is also free-fiber and resistant to fire and many chemicals.


SINOYQX provides many post-processing for pipe insulation, fittings, flat sheets, die cut parts with several size and customized shapes available.

Uses and Applications

  1. Complete Pipe, DuctworkTube Insulation Systems
  2. Tanks and Vessels
  3. Clean Rooms
  4. Commercial facilities
  5. Institutional & industrial facilities

Main Specifications

Main material: SINOYQX Melamine Foam I

Service temperature: -180℃~200℃

Density: 4-12KG/M3

Thermal conductivity: 0.035 W/ (m*K)

Dimension: customizing

Color: natural white and grey, or other customized ones


To customize thermal & cold insulation for pipes & ductwork products, please email us by: or voice to us via: +86-28-8411-1861.