3D hole structure Lightweight carbonized melamine foam composite improved EMI shielding efficiency

Recently, a special physically modified carbonized melamine foam (CMF) was prepared by synergistically modifying with graphene (GNs) and multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to effectively enhance EMI shielding efficiency; using the synergistic effect of dilute layer nanosheets and carbon nanotubes in a customized microporous structure, the 15wt% GNs-CNTs/CMF composite exhibited a low density of 0.03g/cm3 and high conductivity of 34.0S/m, resulting in a significant EMI shielding effect of 3840dB⋅cm2/g. CMF composites exhibit low density of 0.03g/cm3 and high conductivity of 34.0S/m, resulting in significant EMI shielding effect of 3840dB⋅cm2/g. Lightweight carbonized melamine foam composites with 3D pore structure have good ductility, low density, and high shielding performance with excellent EMI shielding materials in communication electronics, aerospace, military industry, etc. The application prospects.

The GNs-CNTs/CMF composite foam was prepared by simple vacuum impregnation and heat treatment based on the unique porous structure of melamine foam as a feature. The desired conductive graphene and carbon nanotubes were exfoliated in liquid phase with the help of hyperbranched HBPE as polymer stabilizer. The resulting CMF foam has excellent EMI shielding capability, low density and large conductivity. Based on the above material properties, it is concluded that the high EMI shielding effect of low-density composites is promising for portable electronic communication and high-standard military or aerospace applications.

SINOYQX cited from 浙工大叶会见等轻质三维多孔导电泡沫复合材料研究取得进展|导电性|碳纳米管_网易订阅 (163.com)


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