Advantages and Applications of the Flame-Retardant Melamine Cyanurate

Advantages of MCA:

  • Low toxicity and low corrosion.

The LD50 of melamine cyanurate is greater than 4000 mg/kg. Compared with X-Sb flame retardant system, the corrosion of MCA is much lower. For example, PA66 containing MCA, in the molten state (300 °C) and stainless steel contact after 100 h, the MCA system on the corrosion of stainless steel mould, only 1/50 of the X-Sb system.

  • The amount of smoke generated is low.

MCA releases CO2, N2 and NH3 when thermally decomposed, and no HX is generated, so the amount of smoke and toxic and corrosive products generated during thermal cracking and combustion is very low. For example, the maximum smoke density (Dm) of unreinforced PA6 (UL94 V-0), which is flame-retardant with MCA, is 190 and 80 respectively when measured by the NITS (NBS) smoke box. For PA6 (UL94 V-0), which is flame retardant with the X-Sb system, these two values are as high as 790 and 390 respectively, i.e. the former is about 1/4 of the latter.

(3) High thermal stability MCA is able to withstand high temperatures above 320°C. Therefore, it can withstand the processing temperatures of general-purpose plastics.

Uses of melamine cyanurate

  1. Flame retardant

MCA has a significant number of nitrogen atoms in the molecule and is particularly suitable for use as a flame retardant. Examples of applications are as follows.

(1) MCA is used as a flame retardant to prepare PA-6 flame retardant composites. MCA is widely used in unreinforced PA, and according to statistics, nearly 40% of the unreinforced flame retardant PA used in electrical and electronic plastics in Western Europe were MCA flame retardant products in 2003.

Inorganic flame retardant magnesium hydroxide (MH) and nitrogen-based flame retardant melamine cyanurate are commonly used halogen-free flame retardants for PA6 at present. Studies have shown that MCA and MH are used as flame retardants to prepare PA6 flame retardant composites respectively. When the dosage of MCA and MH was 20 parts, the ultimate oxygen index of PA6/MCA composite could reach 30.5, while the ultimate oxygen index of PA6/MH composite was only 23.5, indicating that the flame retardant efficiency of MCA was higher.

Meanwhile, the tensile strength of the compound PA6/MCA was 66.8 MPa, 1.14 times that of the composite PA6/MH. The melt flow rate of the PA6/MCA composite reached 74 g/10 min, 4. 9 times that of the PA6/MH composite.

(2) MCA as a flame retardant for epoxy resins. MCA as a flame retardant can increase the oxygen index of epoxy resin from 24-28 to 46-48. Research shows that MCA has excellent flame retardant effect on epoxy resin anhydride curing compound (EP), when the dosage is only 5 parts can make EP reach the degree of self-extinguishing.

MCA reduced the thermal onset decomposition temperature and maximum thermal weight loss rate of EP, and improved the thermal stability of EP at high temperatures.

(3) MCA can be added to vinyl acetate emulsions, acrylate emulsions and rubber emulsions to make flame retardant coatings. Research shows that the coating film adhesion and smoothness are excellent, and no coloring pollution.

(4) Flame retardant PBT. 100 parts of PBT, 5 parts of fluorinated synthetic mica, 5 parts of MCA, flame retardant performance up to UL94V-0 level. MCA flame retardant application range is relatively wide, can be used in polyamide 6 (66), PET (polyethylene terephthalate), TPE (thermoplastic elastomer cable), PU (polyurethane), POM (polyformaldehyde), PET (polyethylene terephthalate), phenolic resin, epoxy resin, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) resin, acrylic emulsion, PPO / PS and other materials.

  1. Lubricant additives

MCA can be formulated as a water-based lubricant and as an additive to solid lubricants and lubricating oils, with obvious oil-saving effects. It can be widely used in various mechanical lubrication under high temperature, low temperature and high pressure conditions, and has excellent wear resistance. As a lubricant, MCA has many properties similar to those of the solid lubricant molybdenum disulphide, but at a much lower price than molybdenum disulphide, making it an ideal substitute. The product is white, non-toxic, odourless and easy to clean, so it has the advantage of preventing pollution and colouring in the lubrication of video, household chemicals, sewing and packaging machinery.

  1. Other uses

(1) Chemical fibre matting agent for coatings.

MCA and resin adhesion is good, not easy to fall off, but also not easy to cause pollution, it is used as a chemical fiber matting agent effect than Chinbai and silica gel is better.

  • Plating grade plastic additives.

MCA as an additive infiltrated into the nylon plastic, can enhance the adhesion when plating. In the past, the adhesion strength between plastic and metal coating did not meet the requirements and has been limited to plating of ABS, while nylon plastic is not easy to plating. Nowadays, the addition of MCA to nylon provides excellent interlayer adhesion after plating. This plated plastic can be widely used in heat-resistant accessories, foam shells, door pulls, etc.

  • Polymer concrete additives.

Adding MCA can improve the strength of concrete and extend the service life of concrete.

  • Raw material for skin cosmetics.

As MCA has the role of not infringing on physiological functions and protecting the skin, it can be used as shaving green, sunscreen powder, etc. Conventional cosmetics applied to the skin, most because of sweat, tears, sebum and other human secretions, as well as rain, snow, seawater and other liquids caused by the role of denaturation, detachment, thus greatly reducing the effect of skin care. MCA, on the other hand, adheres well and has a dense, slippery feel to the skin, so it is an excellent cosmetic additive. When added, it can significantly improve the adhesion to the skin, making the skin fine, dense and smooth.

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