SINOYQX Transulate, a sound-absorbing fabric (an alternative of 3M Thinsulate), made from PP (50% polypropylene) and PET (50% polyester) (depending on the application range, gram weight from 10 grams to 800 grams) through high temperature, high pressure melting with the diameter of polypropylene fiber is about 2 μm, and the diameter of polyester fiber is about 25 μm. It has a three-dimensional network continuous porous fiber material, which is different from traditional automotive acoustic and thermal insulation materials, such as open-cell foam, felt, PET.

Compared with other materials such as cotton, Tranqex Insulator with two-component structure provides excellent medium and high frequency sound absorption performance, light weight, low thermal conductivity, flame retardant, hydrophobicity, eco-friendly, etc.

SINOYQX Transulate is widely used in the interior and exterior of automobiles, which can reduce interior noise and NVH levels, improve the sound quality of automobiles, and at the same time facilitate the lightweight design of automobiles.

  1. Window pillar sound-absorbing cotton (A pillar)
  2. Sound-absorbing cotton under the front side panel (B-pillar)
  3. Instrument panel cover sound-absorbing cotton
  4. Center column sound-absorbing cotton
  5. Door guard sound-absorbing cotton
  6. Sound-absorbing cotton on the rear side wall (on the C-pillar)
  7. Fender sound-absorbing cotton
  8. Sound-absorbing cotton on the rear side wall (under the C-pillar)
  9. Coat rack sound-absorbing pad
  10. Ceiling sound-absorbing cotton
  11. Instrument panel sound-absorbing cotton
  12. Front wall sound-absorbing cotton

At the same time, SINOYQX Transulate is compounded with non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, EPDM and other materials, and can also be used in

  1. Engine sound insulation and heat shield
  2. Car firewall
  3. Air duct sound insulation pad

Through the above comprehensive solutions, the car can reduce weight, integrate functions, improve NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Acoustic Vibration Comfort) performance, save costs; improve the NVH performance of the vehicle, and raise the comfort level of the car to a new level.

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SINOYQX pppet acoustic and thermal insulation
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