SINOYQX melamine resin foam has excellent medium and high frequency sound absorption performance (0.95NRC) and thermal insulation (0.035 W/ (m*K)) performance, and flame retardant (contains melamine resin composition, so it has long-lasting heat resistance and Excellent fire resistance), light weight (7-8.5KG/cubic meter), eco-friendly and safety (without any halogenated hydrocarbons, flame retardants and/or toxic heavy metals), etc., and can be combined with a variety of materials for processing, the comprehensive performance is exceptionally excellent.

  1. Engine sound insulation cover
  2. Car firewall
  3. Car roof thermal insulation pad
  4. Makeup mirror visor lining
  5. Large vehicle (bus, bus) body heat insulation layer
  6. Automobile tires (new energy) tire noise reduction and thermal insulation foam

In the field of automobile manufacturing, melamine resin foam by SINOYQX, is compounded with innocent fiber, aluminum foil, PVC and other materials, and is widely used in automobile engine heat and sound insulation cover (by combining with non-woven fiber to improve the low-frequency sound absorption performance, so as to achieve full Frequency band noise reduction), firewall (up to 240°C), vanity mirror sun visor (SINOYQX melamine resin foam has excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation), large-scale vehicle body noise reduction and heat insulation filling, etc., .

The material is the first choice for lightweight of the solution, but design requirements such as heat insulation and noise reduction are also taken into consideration.

At the same time, melamine resin foam by SINOYQX, is also used for tire noise reduction and insulation, especially suitable for the design requirements of new energy vehicles for quietness and durability. It is the preferred solution for new energy vehicle tire noise reduction and insulation materials, which can make tire noise be decreased from 9 dB to 15 dB.

SINOYQX Tires with Foam Inside for Noise Reduction Thermal Insulation Solution 1536x280 1

Through the above comprehensive solutions, the car can reduce weight, integrate functions, improve NVH (noise, vibration, and sound-vibration comfort) performance, and save costs; improve the vehicle’s NVH performance and raise the car’s comfort to a new level.

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