ATS Isolanti Visited SINOYQX for Melamine Foam Insulation

ATS Isolanti, a famous Italy insulation company, on April 27th,2016, visited SINOYQX, the second largest melamine foam manufacturer in the world, for melamine foam insulation used in its equipment’s sound reduction.

ATS Isolanti director and manager visited SINOYQX newly established melamine foam plant in De Yang City (ATS Isolanti don’t visit the old plant in Qing Baijiang City because of time), visited the melamine resin composition plants, foaming facility, controlling facility, post-processing cutting machines, etc., and warehouse.

ATS Isolanti are satisfied SINOYQX production capacity and its quality control, and then confirmed the pricing system with SINOYQX for coming purchasing.

ATS Isolanti hold a meeting with SINOYQX and exchanging the ideas of application (melamine foam insulation for its equipment), post-processing, marketing, etc.

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ATS Isolanti signed a 4 years’ co-operation contract with SINOYQX.

About ATS Isolanti

ATS Isolanti Spa was founded in 1980 and operates as a converter in processing of insulation materials.

ATS Isolanti constant research and acquisition of the most innovative processing techniques for creating thermal products for series application, along with our prestigious and well consolidated costumer portfolio, has made the ATS Isolanti company a bonafide european reference point for thermal and acoustic insulation market.

ATS Isolanti headquarters in Pregnana Milanese (Milano) is equipped with the most advanced manufacturing available systems and is in position to meet the requirements of even the most stringent needs of the customer, from planning and production to personalized packaging and delivery by our own trucking crew.

ATS isolanti select suppliers from the top global manufacturers and develops it’s principal business in household appliance and ovens, industrial furnace, as well as marine application, air conditioning and heats pumps.

Since 1990 Susegana (Treviso) Branch has been in operation, along with the Padova branch in operation since 2000.

ATS Isolanti opened a new warehouse in 2011, also in Pregnana Milanese, dedicated to the building and dry system supply.

The industrial group also includes Torino Isolanti company, headquartered in Volpiano (Torino) and Isotrade in Dossobuono (Verona).


SINOYQX, based in Sichuan, China, is the second largest melamine foam manufacturer in the world with an annual capacity of 200,000 cubic meters’ melamine foam. Its melamine foam series, equivalence to BASF Basotact G, G+, UL, W, B, etc., in terms of performance, quality, chemical and physical properties, and applications.

SINOYQX has two post-processing converters, providing laminating, cutting, layer, hydrophobic, etc., services.

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