SINOYX manufactures and provides high quality Melamine, a white crystalline powder, made from urea, by YeJing’s Third Generation Gas Phase Quenching Technology with a 50,000 annual capacities.

Melamine is a fundamental organic raw material in fine chemical with excellent flame retardant properties for variety of applications. At present, melamine is mainly used for condensation with formaldehyde to generate melamine formaldehyde resin (referred to as MF resin). Melamine formaldehyde resin exhibits excellent fire resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, arc resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good thermal insulation performance, gloss and mechanical strength. It is suitable for wood, plastic, paint, paper, textile, leather, electrical appliances, medicine, concrete Indispensable chemical raw materials such as super plasticizes.

Melamine Featured Traditional Applications

  • Laminated Board, impregnated with melamine formaldehyde resin on the surface of various boards, resulting in smooth, fire-resistant, heat-resistant and wear-resistant, widely used in construction and furniture manufacturing;
  • Adhesive, adding melamine foam formaldehyde resin to urea-formaldehyde resin as a binder for wood-based panels (fiberboard, particleboard) to reduce the release of urea-formaldehyde resin formaldehyde;
  • Coatings, used for amino resin coatings, increasing wear resistance, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, wrinkle resistance and other properties, widely used in automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing, etc;
  • Molding Compound, can be made into high-grade insulating materials such as brightly colored and beat-resistant daily utensils, sanitary ware, imitation ceramic tableware and electrical equipment.

Melamine Featured New Applications

  • Melamine Fiber, as an alternative of flame-retardant fiver, which exhibits high term resistance, ultra-low thermal conductivity, fire-resistance performance, is widely used in high temperature protective clothing, high temperature smoke and dust filtration, aircraft seat covers, home visit fabrics, etc.
  • Melamine Foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, is a kind of elastic organic plastic foam with high open-cell three-dimensional network structure, which is made of melamine polyethylene resin by microwave foaming, providing excellent sound absorption performance, flame retardant performance, thermal conductivity, wide weather resistance, chemical resistance, light weight, abrasiveness, eco-friendly and good secondary processing molding performance, making it (acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, cleaning, flame retardant) are widely used in architectural acoustics, professional acoustics, rail vehicles, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace applications, pipeline insulation, high temperature insulation, low temperature insulation, power stations, filtration applications, large equipment manufacturing, Antistatic, 5G base station, white electrical appliances, super capacitors, industrial cleaning, daily cleaning, furniture manufacturing and other fields.

Melamine Material Safety Data Sheet
Melamine Technical Data Sheet

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