Megasorber Visited SINOYQX for Melamine Foam & Joint Venture for Acoustic Markets in China

Megasorber, Dr. Harvey Law, from 22th to 24th September, 2016, visited SINOYQX, the second largest melamine foam manufacturer in the world, for melamine foam co-operation and joint venture for acoustic markets in China.

Dr. Harvey Law, accompanying by Mr. Wang, director of R&D, Mr. King, marketing & sales manager, and Mr. Rao, post-processing manager visited our older melamine resin foam plant in Qing Baijiang on 23rd September morning. Mr. Wang explained to Dr. Harvey the manufacturing of melamine resin foam. And Dr. Harvey also checked the quality of melamine foam, which was produced on 23rd September, 2016, and he said the quality is very good and then watched the sampling, cutting of block, etc…at the post-processing converter.

Mr. Chen, the president of SINOYQX, met with Dr. Harvey after visiting the plant of Qing Baijiang. And Dr. Harvey stated that Megasorber is interested in acoustic markets in China, for Chinese is affordable the high-end acoustic products, which were developed by Megasorber with its specific technology for SINOYQX melamine foam, and Megasorber is confident on Chinese acoustic market, which is identified with SINOYQX, Mr. Chen.

Dr. Harvey visited SINOYQX newly melamine foam plant in De Yang City after the meeting with Mr. Chen. Dr. Harvey checked each process of manufacturing of melamine resin foam, form mixing of chemical raw materials, to foaming, and then viewed the post-processing convertor, normal cutting, irregular cutting.

SINOYQX hold a meeting with Dr. Harvey after plants visiting, discussed the solutions to improve the services and products quality, especially customized products for Megasorber’s requirement (colorful melamine foam, higher physical performances of melamine foam, etc…), and then how to establish a joint venture in China to develop the high-end acoustic clients. “The achievement is great”, Dr. Harvey described the trip for SINOYQX, and the trip will be more and more after we establish a join venture.”


SINOYQX, based in Sichuan, China, is the second largest melamine foam producer in the world. Its melamine foam series, equivalence to BASF Basotact G, G+, UL, W, B, etc., in terms of its performance, quality, chemical and physical properties, and applications.

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