MGI Visited SINOYQX for Melamine Foam Used in its Cryogenic Insulation System

MGI, representatives from Korean and China, from December 25th and 26th, 2015, visited SINOYQX, the second largest melamine foam producers in the world, for melamine foam insulation used in MGI’s newly designed LNG fuel tank insulation systems.

MGI, representatives from Korean, technical manager, and voice manager from China, on December 26th, 2015 visited SINOYQX. They visited SINOYQX DeYang Melamine foam plant, which was newly established in 2015 and covers 13,000 square meters; and Qing BaiJiang plant.

After the visiting, SINOYQX management hold a meeting with them, discussing the possibility of melamine foam for its cryogenic insulation system, warm and cold insulation.

MGI is developing a newly cryogenic insulation system in its newly designed IMO A tank and melamine foam used as its warm and cold insulation. It would the first time that melamine foam as insulation materials used in LNG insulation system in the world. Atmospheric pressure IMO A-tanks are considered the best solution with regards to utilization of available space and lowest possible steel weight.

The demand for more environmentally friendly solutions has been a driving force for the development of large size LNG fuel tank solutions. The sizes are beyond what is feasible for vacuum insulated tanks and the concept is as such not a competitor to vacuum tanks. It is aimed at a new market for LNG fuel, namely deep sea ships with a fuel storage requirement of more than 500 m3. An IMO A tank solution is also an excellent choice when the vessel has auxiliary engines where the fuel consumption is considerable also at the quayside.

MGI representatives were satisfied SINOYQX’s melamine foam capacity and quality and its supporting on developing its newly cryogenic insulation system.

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MGI Thermo AS is an engineering and contracting company specialized in thermal (cold) insulation of cargo holds and pipes, primarily for the marine market. MGI have carried out projects in virtually all temperature ranges, from LNG, Ethylene and LPG-carriers to reefers and trawlers. MGI is offering a unique combination of advanced engineering, technical knowledge and project management skills through years of experience. MGI Thermo delivers turnkey cold temperature insulation for newbuildings including engineering, planning, purchasing, project management and installation. MGI offers our support from the design phase and throughout the lifetime of the installation. MGI Thermo has extensive experience in complicated insulation repair and upgrade projects.


SINOYQX, based in Sichuan, China, is the second largest melamine foam producer in the world. Its melamine foam series, equivalence to BASF Basotact G, G+, UL, W, B, etc., in terms of its performance, quality, chemical and physical properties, and applications.

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