New Soilless Cultivation Material, Melamine Foam

Soilless culture is characterized by artificially created crop root growth environment instead of soil environment, it can not only meet the needs of crops for nutrients, water, air and other conditions, but also control and adjust these conditions to promote better crops. grow. Therefore, the crops of soilless culture usually grow well, have high yield and high quality.

Soilless cultivation methods include hydroponics, aeroponics and substrate cultivation: Hydroponics: direct contact between plant roots and nutrient solution without substrate. Aerosol cultivation: The nutrient solution is compressed into aerosol and sprayed directly on the root system of crops, but the investment, operation and management costs are high. Substrate cultivation: The roots of crops are fixed in organic or inorganic substrates, and nutrients are provided to crops through drip irrigation. This method is simple to operate, low in cost and low in investment, and has been widely used.

Soilless culture hydroponic index requirements are as follows:

  • Physical aspects include low bulk density (between 190 and 700 kg/m 3),
  • High porosity (between 50% and 85%), particle size between 0.25 and 0.5mm, and water retention between 20 % to 60%;
  • Chemically, CEC ranging from 10 to 100 me/100g, easy pH adjustment (5 to 6.5), low salt content (0.75 to 1.9 dSm-1) and C:N ratio of 1: N Between 200 and 1:500;
  • Biological aspects indicate the health of the growing medium due to the absence of pathogens and pests and the absence of toxic compounds;

New Soilless Cultivation Material SINOYQX Melamine Foam

As an excellent hydroponic material, melamine foam has the following characteristics

  • Up to 99% open porosity, 90 times absorption effect
  • Nano-scale pore size, excellent liquid locking effect, guarantee the nutrients needed for plant growth
  • Environmentally hygienic, non-corrosive, particle free, CFC and halogen free
  • UV and bacteria resistant Acid and alkali resistant.

Melamine foam is especially suitable for greenhouse vegetable cultivation, artificial flower cultivation, fruit cultivation, etc. It is also suitable for household vegetable and flower cultivation. (Be careful not to over water)

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SINOYQX is a huge chemical entity based on gas chain, manufacturing urea (AdBlue), melamine, melamine foam, melamine cyanurate (MCA), polyphosphate (MPP), polyvinyl butyral resin (low-polymerization PVB resin), and other chemical products. The annual capacity of AdBlue is 150,000Litters and 600,000Tons of Granule; Melamine 50,000Tons; Melamine foam is 200,000M3, the Melamine Cyanurate (MCA) is 50,000Tons. And the Tranqex Insulator (an Equivalent of 3M Thinsulate) is 20,000 Sqm, per day.

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