What is Tire with Acoustic Foam Inside?

With the advent of the new energy era, electric vehicles will surely replace traditional fuel vehicles. At present, the biggest noise source in the driving of electric vehicles is tire noise, and the cruising range is also one of the main obstacles to the development of electric vehicles.

SINOYQX is specially designed to provide safe, reliable and quiet solutions for electric vehicles with its special melamine resin foam inside electric tires reducing noise from 9 dB to 15 dB.

This material adheres to the inner wall of the tire through a special process, which can reduce air resistance and reduce the rotation quality of the tire, thereby reducing energy consumption and extending the cruising range; at the same time, the permanent three-dimensional structure can support the tire without changing any physical structure during high-speed driving. it prevents vibration from being transferred from the tire to the wheel, axle and, eventually, the cabin, reducing the road noise inside the car.

SINOYQX Tire with Acoustic Foam Inside Key Properties:

  • Lightweight material, with a bulk density of 8.5KG/M3, is one of the lightest foam materials in the world, reducing tire weight and increasing cruising range; it is less than at least 50% comparing with polyurethane foam used in tires but resulting in the same acoustic performance;
  • The permanent three-dimensional physical structure ensures that the tire maintains stable sound absorption performance during high-speed operation with its 0.95NRC performance.
  • Permanent flame retardant performance, resulting in UL-94/HF-1 performance, ensuring the safety and reliability of electric vehicles;
  • The thermal conductivity is less than 0.035 W/M. K, and the excellent thermal insulation performance ensures that the tire can maintain stable performance in severe cold weather and extend the cruising range;
  • Excellent antibacterial and anti-ultraviolet properties, ensuring that the tire maintains stable driving performance in various working conditions;
  • Wide operating temperature, (-180℃ to +240℃), to protect tires and calmly respond to various extreme operating conditions;
  • Single-sided adhesive, easy to process and install, can cut thickness and width arbitrarily, responding to different widths and sizes of tires and meet the corresponding noise reduction requirements.

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