SINOYQX Fully Water-soluble Coating YQX-384 was Launched into International Market

SINOYQX on 6, March, 2024, launched its YQX-384, a fully aqueous and partially methylated melamine formaldehyde resin, into international market. YQX-384 resin exhibits better performance with CYMEL 325 resin for water-soluble paints such as water-soluble baking coating system, and other applications.

SINOYQX YQX-384 resin is a fully aqueous, partially methylated melamine formaldehyde resin with medium alkylation, high hydroxymethyl content and high imine group functionality. SINOYQX YQX-384 is a water-based coating and is a completely water-based resin in the industry.

Water-based paint is a paint that uses water as the solvent or dispersion medium. According to the different binders in the paint, water-based paints can be divided into two major categories: natural water-based paints made of natural substances or minerals, and petrochemical water-based paints made of artificial synthetic resins. Synthetic resin water-based paints include water-soluble paints, water-dilutable paints and water-dispersible paints (latex paints). Among them, water-soluble coatings use water-soluble resins as film-forming substances, represented by melamine formaldehyde resin and its modified products. Water-based coatings have the advantages of being environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to clean, and fast drying, and have gradually become a mainstream product in the coatings market.

SINOYQX YQX-384 resin is a partially methylated melamine formaldehyde resin with moderate alkylation, high methylol content and high imine functionality. SINOYQX YQX-384 has excellent and long-lasting compatibility with water-soluble anionic polymers, dispersions and emulsions, and the paint film produced has excellent water fastness. SINOYQX YQX-384 resin can highly self-condensate to obtain excellent paint film hardness and improve the thermoplastic resistance of water-soluble polymers. SINOYQX YQX-384 uses amine to adjust the pH to neutral to obtain appropriate stability. It can maintain stability with any amine-based bridging agent with a pH between 7.0 and 8.5. Also, YQX-384 requires a weakly acidic catalyst under normal baking conditions. It is very effective to use weak acid (organic acid or inorganic acid) as a catalyst to form a paint film.

SINOYQX Fully Water soluble Coating YQX 384 was Launched into International Market

CYMEL 325 resin is a methylated high imino melamine crosslinker supplied in isobutanol. CYMEL 325 resin is highly reactive and has a high tendency towards self-condensation providing films with very good hardness, gloss, chemical resistance and outdoor durability. CYMEL 325 resin is suitable for a wide range of solventborne or waterborne baking applications, such as coil and can coating formulations, automotive primers and topcoats, and general industrial coatings.

Parameters comparison of SINOYQX YQX-384 and CYMEL 325 :

ParameterIndex of YQX-384Index of CYMEL 325
AppearanceTransparent viscous liquidClear Liquid
Non-volatile by wt.>80%80±2%
Viscosity/mp.s3000~6000 (30°C)2500~4500 (23°C)
Free formaldehyde weight/%≤1≤0.75
PH value7.0~8.57.5~8.5

From the comparison, it appears that SINOYQX YQX-384 and CYMEL 325 both are water soluble resin, but YQX-384 has better viscosity. In addition, YQX-384 has other advantages, such as highly cost-effective, short lead time, in-time after-sales service, even OEM service.

SINOYQX is looking for partners, distributors of its modified melamine formaldehyde resins products globally.


SINOYQX is a huge chemical entity based on natural gas production chain, manufacturing urea (AdBlue), melamine(powder), melamine foam, melamine cyanurate (MCA), polyphosphate (MPP), polyvinyl butyral resin (low-polymerization PVB resin), modified melamine formaldehyde resins, and other chemical products. The annual capacity of AdBlue is 150,000Litters and 600,000Tons of Granule; Melamine, 50,000Tons; Melamine foam, 200,000M3, the Melamine Cyanurate (MCA) is 50,000Tons. And the Transulate (an Equivalent of 3M Thinsulate) is 20,000 Sqm, per day.

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