SINOYQX Launched Ultra-thin Melamine Foam in Roll

SINOYQX, on 08th, 12, 2022 launched ultra-thin melamine foam in roll for acoustic and thermal insulation application on electronic and new energy batteries.

SINOYQX ultra-thin melamine foam in roll is specially designed for electronic and new energy batteries in acoustic and thermal insulation, fire-retardant application. It is very convenient for the die-cutting process of the electronic and new energy batteries applications.

It offers 0.5~2mm thickness and 50~100 meters length in roll, the width can be customized to produce, from 300~1250mm.

For more information about the ultra-thin melamine foam in roll, please reach us, or voice to us: +86-28-8411-1861.

SINOYQX is a huge chemical entity based on gas chain, manufacturing urea (AdBlue), melamine, melamine foam, melamine cyanurate (MCA), polyphosphate (MPP), polyvinyl butyral resin (low-polymerization PVB resin), and other chemical products. The annual capacity of AdBlue is 150,000Litters and 600,000Tons of Granule; Melamine 50,000Tons; Melamine foam is 200,000M3, the Melamine Cyanurate (MCA) is 50,000Tons. And the Transulate (an Equivalent of 3M Thinsulate) is 20,000 Sqm, per day.

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