Southeast Countries are Planning to Construct High Speed Train

On 10th August, the 688km long Malaysia West Coast Railway project, contracted by CCCC, is holding an opening ceremony. Besides, according to news report, the Chinese-Thailand Railway project will be signed in September, during the period of Prayuth’s visiting to China. While at the same time, the construction of Indonesia high speed train, which constructed by Chinese company, is also under construction.

In recent years, while southeastern countries have made great progress in their economy, their development in infrastructure construction such as transportation is still inadequate.

Since the reform and opening-up policy, Chinese transportation infrastructure construction has made astounding advances. For example, Chinese high way traffic mileage has already ranked first in the world. Its high-speed train has also made remarkable development. In 2016, the operating distance of Chinese high-speed train is more than 22000 kilometers, accounted for over 65% worldwide.

The convenience of high speed train and its promotion to the development of economy and society has not only attracted every Chinese people, but also foreigners who have taken the high-speed train.

As most of southeast countries have the similar national conditions as China, such as large population, high population mobility, developing economy and limited infrastructure budget. This condition is exactly suitable for the development of high speed train, because the high-speed train has large traffic capacity, is less affected by weather and compared with aviation, need lower cost.

As a result, for southeast countries, high speed train construction is the best way to change their backward transportation infrastructure condition. Combined China’s experience and technology of high speed train construction and southeast countries’ demands, this cooperation would be a natural fit.

Since the high-speed train possesses such an amazing speed, the materials used should be of great quality. For example, in order to maintain a constant temperature inside the train, good sound and thermal insulation materials are necessary. Melamine foam is a perfect material for sound and thermal insulation, but light weight.

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