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SINOYQX is the Second largest Melamine Resin Foam manufacturer after BASF in the world. It incorporated in 2015 via merged Chengdu YuLong Chemcial Co., Ltd and regroup DeYang HeJu New Materials Co., Ltd.

SINOYQX (Yulong Group) is a huge chemical entity based on gas chain, manufacturing urea, melamine, melamine foam, melamine cyanurate (MCA), polyphosphate (MPP), polyvinyl butyral resin (low-polymerization PVB resin), and other chemical products. SINOYQX manufactures urea, which is applicable into agriculture, known as fertilizer; and industry, known as AdBlue or AUS 32 Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%, NOx reduction agent AUS 32 Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF); the annual capacity is 150,000Litters and 600,000Tons of Granule.

SINOYQX manufactures melamine (power), which provides excellent water resistance, heat/fire resistance, arc resistance and gloss, and is used as decorative boards, amino plastics, adhesives, high-grade paints, coatings, currency strengthening agents, textile auxiliaries, and high-efficiency cement water reducing agents Agent, leather tanning moisturizer, flame retardant, etc.; the annual capacity is 50,000Tons.

SINOYQX manufactures melamine foam, is a kind of open-cell (over 99% open rate) thermosetting and eco-friendly foam, made from melamine resin; which is used in industry, building, transportation, aviation as sound insulation and thermal insulation applications and magic sponge thanks to its excellent sound absorption performance and thermal insulation performance, light-weight, etc properties; the annual capacity is 200,000 cubic meters.

SINOYQX manufactures melamine cyanurate (MCA) is a white crystalline powder with a greasy feel. It is an efficient and halogen-free Nitrogen flame retardant with excellent flame-resistant performance and good environmental compatibility. It is mainly used as a halogen-free flame retardant in synthetic resin and synthetic rubber, and plastic products. It is added in lubricating Equivalent oil and resin as a solid lubricant additive; it is added in fire-retardant coatings as a flame retardant and matting agent; it is added in cosmetics as a lubricant. And also, Melamine Cyanurate, as a key flame retardant, is designed to be added into Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 66 to ach

SINOYQX  (Trade Name) Melamine Foam, exhibits the same sound absorption, flame retardancy, high-temperature resistance, thermal insulation, and low-weight properties as BASF Basotect ones do, that is applicable as acoustics melamine foam, thermal insulation materials, and clean supplies (magic sponge), etc.

SINOYQX core R&D team started Melamine Foam researching & production back into 2008, accumulating experience on Melamine foam and its varieties of applications.

SINOYQX is able to produce second largest bun (2700x1300x440mm) or block(2500x1250x350mm) melamine foam after BASF in the world, suitable for sea of post-processing.

SINOYQX has two convertor factories, who are able to meet different post-processing, block, sheets, magic sponge erasers, layer, compositing, laminating, hydrophobic, irregular processing, etc.

SINOYQX Melamine Foam have all alternatives of Basotect series, UF, UL, TG, G, G+, V3012, and W.

SINOYQX Melamine foam is applicable as acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, clean supplies in CRRC, DURR, GE, HAVAL, VOLKSWAGEN, SKODA, and TRANSNET, etc.…

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