What is the Semi-rigid Melamine Foam?

The density of 13 KG/M3, YQX-S, semi-rigid melamine foam, manufactured by SINOYQX, is thefirst commercially mass-produced semi-rigid melamine foam in the world. It expanded the flexible melamine foam (the density is less than 12 KG/M3) applications.

SINOYQX YQX-S, semi-rigid melamine foam, offers excellent acoustic insulation, lightweight, low emission, flame-resistant, and good air permeability properties make it excellent cushioning material for the furniture, automotive industries, and aviation.

SINOYQX YQX-S, semi-rigid melamine foam is designed for flame-resistant seating foams used for automotive, railways and aviation, thanks for its high open-cells structure and melamine resin; providing damping performance, shock absorption and distribution without rebound even at humid and hot environments.

SINOYQX YQX-S, semi-rigid melamine foam is also ideal cushioning materials for the furniture (Seats, mattresses, and sofas) to create a pleasant feeling, thanks to its good air permeability, high elasticity, moderate density.

Key properties of SINOYQX YQX-S, semi-rigid melamine foam

  • Lightweight, 13 KG/M3
  • Good air permeability,
  • Flame-resistant, UL 94: V-0 HF-1
  • High elasticity,
  • Low emission, very low VOC,
  • Excellent acoustic insulation

Key Applications of YQX-S semi-rigid melamine foam

  • New Energy automobile (New Energy Battery Thermal Insulation Cushion Protection Layer)
  • Automobile parts, seating cushioning, instrument panel, headliner,
  • Structural parts
  • Light weight shock-absorbing parts
  • Mold backing for shell molds and other structural support
  • Packaging foam with specific weight bearing/ shock absorbing requirements
  • Molding larger light-weight objects
  • An alternative of BASF Elastoflex E

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SINOYQX 13KG YQX S Semi rigid Melamine Foam scaled
SINOYQX Melamine Foma Thermal Insulation for Battery jpg
SINOYQX YQX S semi rigid melamine foam for automobile seating cushioning 1
SINOYQX YQX S semi rigid melamine foam for sofa cushioning
SINOYQX YQX S semi rigid melamine foam for mattresses cushioning
SINOYQX YQX S semi rigid melamine foam for seating cushioning