SINOYQX Melamine Cyanurate (Equivalent of BASF Melapur ) is a white crystalline powder with a greasy feel. And the Granular of melamine cyanurate is available as request. It is an efficient and halogen-free Nitrogen flame retardant with excellent flame resistant performance and good environmental compatibility. It is mainly used as a halogen-free flame retardant in synthetic resin and synthetic rubber, and plastic products. It is added in lubricatingEquivalent oil and resin as a solid lubricant additive; it is added in fire-retardant coatings as a flame retardant and matting agent; it is added in cosmetics as a lubricant.

Melamine Cyanurate, as a key flame retardant, is designed to be added into Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 66 to achieve UL94 V-0 flame resistant performance with excellent mechanical and electrical properties, such as lower smoke density, lower smoke toxicity, and less corrosion.

SINOYQ MCA 910x156 1

Melamine Cyanurate Properties

MCA LD50 is greater than 4000mg/kg (rat, oral). Compared with X-Sb flame retardant one, MCA is much less corrosive. For example, when PA66 with MCA is in contact with stainless steel in the molten state (300 degrees) for 100 hours, the corrosion of the MCA one to stainless steel molds is only 1/50 of that of the X-Sb one.

  • Low Smoke Production

MCA releases CO2, N2 and NH3 products during thermal decomposition, and no HX is produced, so the amount of smoke and toxic and corrosive products generated during thermal cracking and combustion are very low. For example, with MCA flame-retardant unreinforced PA6 (UL94V-0 grade), the maximum smoke density (Dm) of the bright-burning grade measured by the NIT (NBS) smoke box is 190 and 80 respectively; and for the flame-retardant X-Sb one for PA6 (UL94V-0 grade), these two values are as high as 790 and 390 respectively, that is, the former is about 1/4 of the latter.

  • High Thermal Stability

MCA can withstand high temperatures above 320 degrees and can withstand the processing temperatures of most general-purpose plastics.

SINOYQX Melamine Cyanurate (MCA) Grades

BRAND NAMETargeted Performance
MCA-252.0-2.5µm Particle diameter(D50)V-2
MCA-502.5-3.0µm Particle diameter(D50)V-2
MCA-12(Granular)1mm-3mm (85%)V-2
MCA-30(Granular)3mm-5mm (90%)V-2
MCA-1Specially designed for Polyamide 6V-0
MCA-2Specially designed for Polyamide 66V-0
MCA-3Specially designed for synthetic resin & synthetic rubberV-0

Melamine Cyanurate (MCA) Data Sheet
Melamine Cyanurate (MCA) Material Safety Data Sheet

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