SINOYQX provides professional materials and solutions for automobile manufacturing, the products portfolio as bellowing.

Engine Compartment product range

  • Battery cover sound insulation pad
  • Car cabin upper and lower sound insulation pads
  • Car front wall outer sound insulation pad

Passenger Cabin product series

  • Sound insulation and heat insulation pads in the car front wall
  • Car tunnel sound insulation pad

Chassis product series

For the above products, we offer priority solution at melamine foam thermoforming products laminating with non-woven fabrics, EPDM, EVA, PU foam, aluminum foil and other materials, which provides better comprehensive properties, compared with traditional glass fiber and lightweight cotton, melamine foam has excellent the overall performance is as follows.

  • Permanent flame retardancy ((UL94 V-0, HF-1, B1 rating)
  • Excellent thermal insulation (thermal conductivity, 0.035 W/ (m*K))
  • Wide weather resistance (negative 180 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius, up to 240 degrees Celsius, maintaining stable physical and chemical properties, lightweight PU foam can only withstand 100 degrees Celsius, 120 degrees Celsius begins to decompose and fission, glass fiber is fragile in sub-zero environment)
  • Light weight (8.5KG/cubic, but lightweight PU foam is the lightest 18 KG/cubic)
  • Eco-friendly (does not contain any halogenated hydrocarbons, flame retardants and/or toxic heavy metals; no toxic and harmful gases are produced when burning in flames, while lightweight PU foam is added with flame retardants, and glass fiber is harmful to human body). Environmental stability (acid resistance, alkali resistance, antibacterial, mildew resistance)
  • Excellent sound absorption performance (0.95NRC, melamine foam has better performance in high frequency)
  • Secondary processing formability (easy to cut, can be back glued or laminated, etc.)

SINOYQX provides YQX-TG type sheets and thermoforming products. For more information or free samples, quotation, please call us at, 028-8411-1861 or write to us

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SINOYQX car battery thermal insulation pad melamine foam
Car cabin upper and lower sound insulation pads SINOYQX melamine foam
Car front wall outer sound insulation pad SINOYQX melamine foam
Sound insulation and heat insulation pads in automobile front wall SINOYQX melamine foam
Audi Melamine Foam Nonwoven Firewall
BMW melamine foam engine thermal insulation pad
Bus engine noise reduction sound insulation melamine foam
Melamine foam bus sound absorbing thermal insulation