SINOYQX integrates Melamine Chemical Chain with its powerful resources, manufacturing and providing from pure MELAMINE to melamine derivatives, MELAMINE CYANURATE (MCA), a halogen-free flame retardant, MELAMINE POLYPHOSPHATE (MPP), a halogen-free flame retardant with phosphorous and nitrogen structure, POLYVINYL BUTYRAL RESIN (PVB Resin), a low-polymerization resin, MELAMINE RESIN FOAM, a soft thermosetting with three-dimensional grid structure and more 99% opening rate and MELAMINE FIBER.

MELAMINE, a white crystalline powder made from urea. Melamine exhibits various properties, which include excellent properties including color retention, wear resistance, scratch resistance, strength, moisture-resistance, thermal isolation, sound absorption, heatproof, chemical-resistance, utilization, anti-bacterial, richness of design, attractiveness, etc. properties; therefore MELAMINE is applicable in Laminates, Wood adhesive, Surface Coating, Molding products, Flame retardants, Paper and textile, and other applications.

MELAMINE CYANURATE is a halogen-free flame retardant that can be used in thermoplastic urethanes (TPUs) for electrical wire coatings, which has unique physical properties, heat stability at 300º, held together by an extensive two-dimensional network of hydrogen bonds between Melamine and Cyanuric acid, which network forms layers such as graphite, achieve UL94 V-0 especially for unfilled Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 66. Some of its attributes include cost effectiveness, excellent electrical and mechanical properties and color ability, Non-blooming, low smoke generation, and low corrosives, good balance between flame-retardant effectiveness and thermal stability of Melamine Cyanurate provides for easy processing at the compounding stage.

MELAMINE POLYPHOSPHATE is a halogen-free flame retardant with phosphorous and nitrogen structure that can be applied to thermoplastics, thermosetting plastic, rubber, and fiber, especially used for glass-fiber reinforced nylon.

POLYVINYL BUTYRAL RESIN produced since 1936 in United States, which was mainly applicable as an interlayer for safety glass; while SINOYQX provides and manufactures a low-polymerization series of polyvinyl butyral resin, which are utilized in flexographic inks, gravure printings inks and pigment preparations.

MELAMINE RESIN FOAM is a kind of soft, thermosetting and environmental protection material with three-dimensional grid structure and has 99% opening rate made from melamine resin by foaming. Melamine foam exhibits sound absorption, flame retardant, high-temp resistance, and low weight.

MELAMINE FIBER is under development, which plans to be launched soon.

SINOYQX manufactures and supplies chemical products, MELAMINE, MELAMINE CYANURATE (MCA), MELAMINE POLYPHOSPHATE (MPP), POLYVINYL BUTYRAL RESIN (PVB Resin), MELAMINE RESIN FOAM, and MELAMINE FIBER; SINOYQX other three branches also manufactures and processes their downstream products, acoustic branch for architecture, automobile making rail transportation acoustic solution products, thermal insulation branch for aerospace, industry, automobile making, rail transportation, and solar energy, etc, and cleaning supplies branch, mainly processing magic eraser sponges products.

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