DAJO Visited SINOYQX for Melamine Foam

Ing. Bert Klvar, Managing Director of ANR(DAJO), on 08th January, 2017, visited SINOYQX, the second largest melamine foam manufacturer in the world, for melamine foam in acoustic and thermal insulation application and possible distribution in Netherlands.

Ing. Bert Klvar and Mrs. Helen, director of DAJO’s partner company, accompanying with Mr. King, international marketing & sales manager, visited newly melamine foam facilities in De Yang City and older melamine foam facilities and other chemical production facilities in Qing BaiJiang City at the morning of 9th, January. And Bert was satisfied with the capacities of two melamine foam production lines and said he was so surprised about our product quality. Bert added that it brought much confidence for them to expend melamine foam in acoustic and thermal insulation markets. DAJO provides clients solutions, from acoustic and thermal insulation consults, to acoustic and thermal insulation products, even installation, and the whole acoustic and thermal insulation packages solution in the markets.

Mr. Chen, the president of SINOYQX, met with Ing. Bert Klvar and Mrs. Helen and exchanged the markets information

Bert invited SINOYQX to visit their factory for cooperation.


SINOYQX, based in Sichuan, China, is the second largest melamine foam producer in the world. Its melamine foam series, equivalence to BASF Basotact G, G+, UL, W, B, etc., in terms of its performance, quality, chemical and physical properties, and applications.

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