Japan Experienced a shortage of Vehicle Urea Solution (AdBlue) Supply recently, Following South Korea

Vehicle urea solution (AdBlue or DEF) is a necessity in the purification treatment of exhaust emissions from many diesel vehicles. If it is not added in time, the vehicle engine will not work normally. Following South Korea, Japan has also recently experienced a shortage of vehicle urea solutions. In Japan, in addition to replenishing the urea solution by yourself after purchasing it in car dealers and online stores, you can also purchase and replenish it directly at some gas stations. However, during the recent period of time, Japan’s car urea solution has suddenly appeared in short supply, and some gas stations have even been out of stock.

Japan’s domestic vehicle urea solution has been in short supply since last month. After this month, the shortage has further intensified. This situation has triggered some hoarding and even reselling. On Japan’s major second-hand trading platforms, the price of some suspected reselling car urea solutions has reached about ten times the normal price.

Japan Experienced a shortage of Vehicle Urea Solution AdBlue Supply recently

About half of the raw material for the production of urea solution in Japan, namely urea, is imported. Affected by the recent tightening of urea supply in the international market, some urea importers have substantially reduced their imports since last month, leading to a decline in Japan’s domestic urea solution output. On the other hand, a major urea manufacturer in Japan stopped production this fall due to regular equipment maintenance, and other manufacturers did not adjust production in time. The superposition of internal and external factors has caused a shortage of urea solutions for vehicles in Japan.

At present, the impact of insufficient urea solution (AdBlue) is expanding. The end of the year is the peak period of logistics and transportation in Japan. If the shortage is not alleviated, the entire transportation industry will be in chaos. In addition to trucks and buses, professional vehicles such as snow removal trucks and excavators are also commonly driven by diesel, and many fields such as logistics, transportation, and construction will be affected. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan called on domestic manufacturers to maximize urea production and strive to improve the shortage of urea solution in January next year.

SINOYQX cited from供应不足,价格飙升!日本车用尿素溶液紧缺,部分加油站断货 (baidu.com)