Low-formaldehyde acoustic melamine foam meets indoor air quality standard (GB/T 18883-2022), in time

On March 1, 2023, the latest version of indoor air quality standard (GB/T 18883-2022) was released and took effect, providing a strong legal support to improve the physical and mental health of residents. SINOYQX low formaldehyde acoustic melamine foam is used in many major venues, anechoic chambers, recording studios and other places with light weight acoustic and flame retardant melamine foam.

Indoor Air Quality Standard GB T 18883 2022 About formaldehyde and TVOC

SINOYQX newly developed low formaldehyde melamine foam, which is measured according to the latest national indoor air quality standard (GB/T 18883-2022), with formaldehyde emission at 0.05mg/m3 and TVOC within 0.3, fully compounding the indoor air quality standard.

Indoor air quality standard GB T 18883 2022 index requirements

The excellent sound absorption performance (NRC,0.95), flame retardant performance (B1), thermal conductivity, wide weather resistance (-180°C~240°C), chemical resistance, light weight, abrasiveness, environmental protection and good secondary processing and molding performance of SINOYQX melamine Foam. It is widely used in the fields of acoustics of buildings, professional acoustics, rail vehicles, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace applications, pipe insulation, high temperature insulation, low temperature insulation, power stations, filtration applications, large equipment manufacturing, anti-static, 5G base stations, white goods, super capacitors, industrial cleaning, daily cleaning, furniture manufacturing, etc.

Low formaldehyde acoustic melamine foam rotated

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