Low temperature resistant, highly elastic hybrid Carbonized Melamine Foam for Pressure Sensing and EMI Shielding

Carbon nanotube (CNT)-embedded carbonized melamine foam (CNT/CMF) was fabricated by a direct pyrolysis process. Even at deep cryogenic conditions (-196 °C), the hybrid CNT/CMF showed tunable electrical conductivity while providing ultra-high elasticity for strain/pressure sensing and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. Ultra-high sensitivity (up to 103.24 kPa-1) and wide pressure detection range (0-175 kPa) are achieved by the hybrid foam sensor, attributed to the hierarchical structure composed of nanofibrous carbon nanotube layers and macropores.

The foam-based sensor exhibits ultra-high low temperature resistance, maintaining stable performance after immersion in liquid nitrogen for 36 hours and 5,000 repeated compression-release cycles. In addition, due to the highly porous structure CNT/CMF exhibits excellent EMI shielding effectiveness and high specific shielding effectiveness of 6147.3 dBcm2g1, it has an absorption-dominated shielding mechanism. The low temperature-resistant CNT/CMF with these excellent strain/pressure sensing and EMI shielding properties holds promise as a practical application for wearable electronic devices operating in mild and harsh environments.

The ultra-high elasticity, excellent strain/pressure sensing and EMI shielding properties of the hybrid CNT/CMF, coupled with its facile and scalable fabrication method, make it very promising for various applications in flexible and wearable electronics

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