Main Applications of Melamine Cyanurate

MCA is commonly used as a flame retardant in nylon, rubber, phenolic resins, epoxy resins, acrylic emulsions, PVC and other olefins, with low dosage and good flame-retardant effect. MCA is also a good lubricant additive, coating matting agent and plating grade plastic additive.

  1. MCA flame retardant nylon

The addition of 8% MCA to PA6 gives nylon a V-0 rating to UL 94, but is not stable. Usually, 1 or 2 out of 5 test strips produce dripping ignition, and even increasing the amount of MCA added does not change this. However, nanoscale MCA has a more stable flame-retardant effect on PA6 and the addition of 8% MCA results in a V-0 rating of UL 94 for PA6.

The tensile strength of the MCA flame retardant PA6 system is lower than that of the pure PA6 system, with only a slight decrease. The impact strength is approximately 13% lower than that of the pure nylon product; however, the flame retardancy is significantly higher, with the LOI value rising from 22. 3% to 28. 5% and the UL 94 flame retardancy level rising from V-2 to V-0. The melt flow rate increases slightly, but the nanoscale MCA results in a lower melt flow rate and reduced flow.

The addition of MCA to glass fibre (GF)/PA66 results in a GF/PA66 composite with a UL 94 V-0 rating. The MCA crystals are homogeneously dispersed in the nylon matrix and during combustion the MCA decomposes by its own heat absorption, producing non-combustible gases, resulting in a gas phase flame retardant effect and leaving nano-scale pores on the surface of the carbon residue of the composite.

  1. MCA synergistic flame-retardant PET

MCA is used in flame-retardant PET tapes. By adding MCA to the adhesive of PET tapes, the PET tapes have good flame-retardant properties, i.e. they curl and curl on ignition and are self-extinguishing.

In addition, MCA is also used in the preparation of MCA-blended flame-retardant PET.

At a phosphorus content of 0. 6% and an MCA addition of 5%, the ultimate oxygen index of the composite reached 28% and the V-0 class of UL 94 was achieved. This indicates that the addition of MCA improves the flame-retardant properties of PET.

  1. MCA flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam (RPUF/MCA)

MCA was used as a flame retardant in the preparation of RPUF/MCA. 30 parts of MCA enabled the RPUF/MCA composite to achieve a V-1 rating of UL 94 and an ultimate oxygen index of 22. 0%. The addition of MCA reduced both the initial thermal decomposition temperature and the combustion smoke density of the composite, effectively improving the flame retardancy of the composite.

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