Melamine flame retardant new materials and industrial application unveiled at the high-tech fair

SINOYQX(Yulong Chemical) unrivaled its melamine foam and melamine flame retardant,PVB, on 14th, November, 2018, at 20th China International Hi-Tech Fair (High-Tech Fair), showing the innovative research and development achievements and leading technical strength of Yulong Chemical in the field of new materials.


As early as 2011, SINOYQX and the National Key Laboratory of Polymers of Sichuan University, Academician Wang Qi, established an industry-university-research cooperation, and industrialized development of the melamine flame retardant material of the academician Wang Qi, who is closely related to the Yulong company’s industrial chain.


The company analyzed the technology and further carried out the process design on the basis of the invention patent, and built the only production line of the melamine flame retardant in the world. This in-depth cooperation between industry, academia and research has enabled the results of the frontiers of the laboratory to finally bear fruit, and has embarked on a new model of industry-university-research cooperation and industrial incubation, which will further promote the development of new products and industrial applications in the field of high-performance polymer materials. Technological innovation capabilities and product core competitiveness.


The Sichuan delegation of the “Shenzhen High-Tech Fair” is the theme of “Innovation Drives Development, Technology Leads the Future”. The exhibition site is divided into six major themes: electronic information, equipment manufacturing, food and beverage, advanced materials, energy and chemical industry, and digital economy. To build a “5+1” industrial system with Sichuan’s unique advantages, share new concepts, new models, and new ideas for the development of science and technology industries, and promote the transfer and transformation of major scientific and technological innovations.



SINOYQX, based in Sichuan, China, is a huge chemical entity, producing products based on melamine, and is the second largest melamine foam manufacturer after BASF, producing melamine foam, hydrophobic melamine foam, Tranqex Insulator (an alternative of 3M Thinsulate), acoustic, and thermal insulation, and magic sponges etc., for acoustic, sound and thermal insulation, and cleaning supplies applications.

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