Melamine Foam as a Filling Material for Sound Barrier Insulation and Noise Reduction

Nowadays, more and more sound barrier drawings are diversified, not only for the appearance of the product, but also for the internal material of the sound insulation panels. Recently, we received a drawing from a customer requesting a melamine foam sound-absorbing material as a filling material.

So, what exactly is melamine foam sound absorbing material?

Melamine acoustic foam is a low density, high porosity acoustic foam with the same sound absorption properties as glass wool, which is significantly better than other types of acoustic materials. It also has excellent fire resistance and is not combustible in open fire. There is no glass wool dust pollution, is the most environmentally friendly sound-absorbing cotton, often used for dishwashing cotton.

Melamine acoustic foam is currently the best overall performance of sound-absorbing foam, with high sound absorption, non-combustible, the most environmentally friendly and other characteristics. Widely used in the construction industry, industry, transportation, aerospace, electromechanics, home appliances, electronic products and other fields to improve the sound quality, control noise, heat insulation and heat preservation needs.

Melamine foam has a fully open-hole three-dimensional grid structure system, the length-to-diameter ratio of its grid L/D is 10-20, and the open-hole rate is up to 99% or more. This allows sound waves to enter the deeper layers of the foam body quickly and effectively and transform into vibrations of the grid to be consumed, thus effectively attenuating and eliminating sound wave energy. The material exhibits excellent sound absorption properties with a noise reduction factor (NRP) of approximately 0.95 for a 50mm thick material.

Melamine foam is extremely effective in absorbing medium and high frequency sound waves, better than commonly used sound absorbing materials such as glass wool. In the lower frequency bands, there are no particularly effective sound absorbing materials available and in order to improve the absorption of low frequency sound waves, the thickness of the material is often increased. The density of melamine foam is much lower than that of other sound absorbing materials, making it more competitive.

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