Melamine Foam for Flat Plate Collectors Thermal Insulation

Throughout the world’s solar energy market, flat-panel solar water heaters have always been the leading product, and more than 90% of solar water heating systems use flat-panel solar collectors. We must pay attention to the research and development of flat-panel solar water heaters and improve the technical level and international level of solar thermal utilization in our country.

Melamine Foam for Flat Plate Collectors Thermal Insulation

There are many ways to improve the performance and quality of flat plate solar collectors. The following is a discussion on how to improve the performance and quality of flat plate solar collectors, based on the thermal insulation materials of flat plate solar collectors.

The main function of the thermal insulation material in the flat plate solar collector is to reduce the heat loss from the collector to the surrounding environment, so as to improve the efficiency of the collector. Therefore, the main requirement for it is good thermal insulation performance, that is, the thermal conductivity of the material is small and it does not absorb water. The bottom insulation layer is generally 3~5 cm thick, and the thickness of the surrounding insulation layer is half of the bottom.

What are the commonly used insulation materials for flat plate solar collectors?

Commonly used thermal insulation materials for flat plate solar collectors include rock wool, mineral wool, polystyrene, polyurethane, etc. However, in practical applications, these materials have different problems.

Polystyrene shrinks at high temperatures (above 70°C), so when it is used as a heat-insulating material, a thin layer of rock wool or mineral wool is often placed between it and the heat-absorbing plate. When polyurethane is used, the temperature should be below 100°C for a long time.

Although rock wool and mineral wool have high operating temperatures, their thermal insulation performance is limited, and their thermal conductivity is generally 0.045 W/(m.k), which is much lower than that of polyurethane. Moreover, the fibers contained in materials such as rock wool and mineral wool can cause harm to the respiratory system, skin, and eye mucosa of production and construction personnel. Moreover, the shed fibers that float in the air after being scrapped for a long time can also cause harm to the human body.

In addition to the above-mentioned use temperature, polyurethane also faces environmental protection issues such as fluorine-free foaming technology. Although some manufacturers have achieved results in fluorine-free foaming technology, due to investment and technical issues, only some companies with a strong sense of social responsibility and strength are developing and using these technologies.

The insulation materials commonly used in flat plate collectors have certain problems, which will have an adverse effect on the service life, performance quality and other aspects of the flat plate collectors.

So, is there a thermal insulation material that can overcome all the problems of rock wool, mineral wool, polystyrene, and polyurethane? The answer is melamine foam.

Melamine foam has excellent thermal insulation properties

Melamine foam is a fully open-cell three-dimensional grid structure system with a grid aspect ratio (L/D) between 10-20 and a density of 8.5KG/M3. The opening rate of melamine foam plastic is as high as over 99%. The fine three-dimensional grid structure effectively prevents the convection heat transfer of air. In addition, its unique low thermal stability gives it good thermal insulation effect (thermal conductivity, 0.032W/(m*K)) and makes it a very good thermal insulation material for flat-plate collectors.

Melamine foam offers long-lasting heat and fire resistance

Melamine foam is made of melamine resin foamed by microwave. It contains melamine resin components, so it has long-lasting heat resistance (up to 240 degrees Celsius to maintain stable physical and chemical properties) and excellent fire resistance (B1, UL94 V0 and HL-1) and insulation performance (no static electricity and anti-static), acid and alkali resistance, and is particularly suitable for solar collector insulation. While insulating and heat-insulating, melamine resin foam also has excellent sound absorption performance (0.95NRC), making the solar collector run quieter, achieving multiple effects of noise reduction, heat insulation, and heat preservation.

Melamine foam is eco-friendly

Melamine foam is mainly foamed from melamine polyformaldehyde resin. It does not contain other compounds, is also non-fiber material, does not contain any dust, does not contain any halogenated hydrocarbons, flame retardants, or toxic heavy metals, helping to protect the environment.

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