Melamine Foam for Underfloor Heating Thermal Insulation

Why are underfloor heating insulation materials so important?

Underfloor heating is a modern heating method that uses radiant heat from the ground to heat indoors by laying heating pipes under the ground. The underfloor heating insulation material is a vital part of the underfloor heating system. It can not only affect the insulation effect of the underfloor heating system, but also affect the overall service life and safety. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right underfloor heating insulation material.

Melamine Foam for Underfloor Heating Thermal Insulation

How to choose underfloor heating insulation materials?

First, we need to know the types of underfloor heating insulation materials. Common underfloor heating insulation materials include foam plastic insulation boards, extruded polystyrene boards, polyurethane insulation boards, etc. These materials have the characteristics of good thermal insulation performance, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, etc., and can effectively improve the thermal insulation effect of the underfloor heating system.

Secondly, we need to consider the principles for selecting underfloor heating insulation materials. The first is thermal insulation performance. Underfloor heating insulation materials should have good thermal insulation properties, which can effectively isolate the cold and heat exchange on the ground and improve the heating effect of the underfloor heating system. The second is durability, underfloor heating insulation materials should have a long service life and be able to withstand long-term use of the underfloor heating system without deformation or aging. In addition, factors such as the material’s environmental performance and construction convenience, as well as its compatibility with other components of the underfloor heating system, should also be considered.

When choosing underfloor heating insulation materials, we also need to consider the ground conditions and usage environment. For underfloor heating systems laid underground, underfloor heating insulation materials need to have certain pressure resistance and corrosion resistance to cope with the impact of the underground environment. At the same time, it is also very important to choose appropriate underfloor heating insulation materials according to the material and condition of the ground.

The most common underfloor heating insulation material on the market is extruded board. underfloor heating extruded board is an insulation material made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) particles that are heated and compressed. It has excellent thermal insulation properties. However, EPS materials tend to absorb water in a long-term humid environment, which can lead to mold inside the extruded board and affect the thermal insulation effect.

Compared to traditional underfloor heating insulation materials, melamine foam is more suitable as underfloor heating insulation material. SINOYQX melamine foam combines excellent sound absorption properties, flame retardant properties, light weight, environmental protection and good secondary processing formability. It is an excellent underfloor heating insulation material.

Why does melamine foam have advantages over traditional underfloor heating insulation materials?

SINOYQX melamine foam is a thermosetting elastic organic rubber-plastic foam with a fine three-dimensional network structure of high openings, which is made from melamine polyformaldehyde resin through microwave foaming.

Thermal Insulation

SINOYQX melamine foam is a three-dimensional grid structure system with sufficient openings, and the opening rate is as high as 99%. The fine three-dimensional grid structure effectively prevents the convective heat transfer of the air, and the unique low thermal stability makes it have good thermal insulation effect (thermal conductivity, 0.032 W/(m*K))), which can effectively prevents heat loss and has a very stable thermal insulation effect. It is the first choice material for underfloor heating insulation.

SINOYQX light grey melamine foam scaled

Wide Operating Temperature

SINOYQX melamine foam can maintain stable physical and chemical properties in the temperature range of -196 degrees celsius and 200 degrees celsius for a long time, and the maximum use temperature can reach 240 degrees celsius.

Flame Retardant

SINOYQX melamine foam is made of melamine foamed by microwaves and is a B1 grade low-flammability material. Melamine itself is a flame retardant material with a nitrogen content of up to 70%, so melamine foam can achieve excellent flame retardant properties without adding any flame retardants, and can effectively solve the safety hazards of underfloor heating.

Sound Absorption

SINOYQX melamine foam is a three-dimensional grid structure system with sufficient openings, which allows sound waves to easily and effectively enter the deep layers of the foam and be converted into vibrations of the grid to be consumed and absorbed. Using melamine foam as underfloor heating insulation material can effectively absorb the noise generated during underfloor heating operation and create a quieter living environment.


SINOYQX melamine foam is a three-dimensional grid structure system with sufficient openings. The length-to-diameter ratio (L/D) of the grid is between 10-20, and the density can be as low as 8.5KG/M3. Due to its light weight, melamine foam will not cause squeezing or damage to underfloor heating pipes, and because it is not easily broken and deformed, it can extend the service life of underfloor heating.


SINOYQX melamine foam is mainly foamed from melamine polyformaldehyde resin. It does not contain other compounds, is also non-fiber material, does not contain any dust, does not contain any halogenated hydrocarbons, flame retardants, or toxic heavy metals. When used for underfloor heating insulation, it does not release toxic substances and protects your health.

Secondary Processing Formability

SINOYQX melamine foam is a thermosetting elastic organic rubber-plastic foam with a fine three-dimensional network structure. It can be easily cut or CNC processed, making underfloor heating construction more convenient.

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