Russia’s First High Speed Train Will Be Broke Ground in 2018

Misharin, the Vice President of Russian Railways said on August 16th that the construction of Russia’s first high speed train — Moscow to Kazan, will be started in the year of 2018.


According to the report of Russian news media, that day Misharin was attending a transportation forum and he said the design and planning of Moscow to Kazan high speed train will be done in this year. In the future, this train is expected to be a part of Moscow to Beijing. At the same time, this train is expected to serve the Silk Road program which connect China, Europe and the Middle East.


As planned, the length of MK high speed train program is 770 km in total and overall investment is up to 1.068 trillion rouble (17.8 billion US dollar). After the train is finished, the max speed of it can reach to 400km/h, by then, the time from Moscow to Kazan will be shorten from 14 hours to 3.5 hours.


Since the high-speed train possesses such an amazing speed, the materials used should be of great quality. For example, in order to maintain a constant temperature inside the train, good waterproof and thermal insulation materials are necessary.


Melamine foam is a perfect material for acoustic and thermal insulation. SINOYQX is specialized in the development and research of melamine foam for over eight years and has applied our products to high speed train construction. SINOYQX Thermal, Sound, & Cold Insulation for Trains, made from SINOYQX melamine foam series, is a light-weight, excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation performance and fire-resistance foam. It is ideal materials for trains sound, thermal & could insulation.

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