Shandong Energy Group Xinjiang Coal Chemical 60,000 tons Melamine Project Started

On July 18, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Xinjiang Coal Chemical Industry’s Xinjiang Coal Chemical Company with an annual output of 60,000 tons of melamine was held. The project is an extension project of Xinjiang coal chemical urea industry chain, covering an area of about 200 mu, with a total investment of 870 million yuan.


The melamine project adopts the fourth-generation high-pressure process technology of the current international advanced Italian Outech. The key equipment, process packages and patented technologies are all provided by Italian Outech.


Melamine is an important downstream product of urea. It is an ideal chemical product with huge market potential and good economic benefits. It is mainly used in various laminates, coatings, adhesives, paper treatment agents, construction and automobile industries. The prospects are broad. The raw materials urea and liquid ammonia required for this project are supplied by the company itself, which can realize the balanced utilization of electricity, steam, circulating water, desalinated water and other supporting public works and auxiliary works with the existing public works. Good support conditions will be the melamine Project construction provides a strong guarantee.


SINOYQX cited from 山东能源集团新疆煤化工6万吨三聚氰胺项目开工 (


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