SINOYQX Launched Melamine Cyanurate MCA Flame Retardant

On February 22, 2018, SINOYQX officially launched its MCA flame retardant.

YarQuenXer, Melamine Cyanurate (MCA), is a halogen-free flame retardant that can be used in thermoplastic urethanes (TPUs) for electrical wire coatings. Melamine Cyanurate, Especially, has established itself as the flame retardant to achieve UL 94 V-0 especially for polyamide 6 and 6,6. Addition of MCA gives PA6(66) good mechanical and electrical properties. Melamine Cyanurate, thanks for its halogen free property, also results in significant advantages in terms of fire safety, i.e. lower smoke density, lower smoke toxicity and less corrosion.

MCA is a salt comprised of melamine and cyanuric acid, which has unique physical properties:

Heat stability at 300º.

Cost effectiveness, excellent electrical and mechanical properties and color ability, Non-blooming, low smoke generation, and low corrosives.

Good balance between flame-retardant effectiveness and thermal stability of Melamine Cyanurate provides for easy processing at the compounding stage.

It can be used in many areas such as rubbers, nylon, epoxy resin, polyester, as well as lubricants and binders. By now, it has been wildly used in engineering rubber-plastic materials such as nylon and silicone rubber. For example, added MCA in synthetic resin will get brilliant products which are fadeless, bloomless and with good electrical and mechanical properties; added MCA in rubber and plastic, especially nylon, could get impressive fire resistance effect with a small number of addition.

At present, SINOYQX has produced five series of MCA products, could satisfy all ranges of requirement from basic fire resistance to high-end fire resistance such as for copper-clad plate.

MCA could be used at electric appliance vehicle components and electronic components

*MCA could be used at electric appliance, vehicle components and electronic components.

With people started to have higher and higher requirement towards the fire resistance property of all materials, eco-friendly halogen-free flame retardant is getting more and more popular. As the representative product of flame retardant, MCA will enjoy greater market prospect.

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SINOYQX, based in Sichuan, China, is a huge chemical entity, producing products based on melamine, and is the second largest melamine foam manufacturer after BASF, producing melamine foam, hydrophobic melamine foam, Tranqex Insulator (an alternative of 3M Thinsulate), acoustic, and thermal insulation, and magic sponges etc., for acoustic, sound and thermal insulation, and cleaning supplies applications.

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