SINOYQX Launched YQX Bonded Foam for Acoustic, Thermal, & Cleaning Applications

SINOYQX officially launched its YQX Bonded foam, which was created by Patented formula gluing shredded flexible melamine foam, or shredded flexible melamine foam and shredded flexible polyurethane foam, applicable for acoustic, thermal and cleaning application on 28th, November, 2021 for oversea markets. It is a commitment for sustainable development to reduce the waste of both flexible melamine foam and PU foam.

SINOYQX launched the Bonded foam production line in 2019, with an annual capabilities 500.00 tons from the first production line. It run for two years internal production and commercial production for China market, especially for the filling of mattress and sofa. The production is stable and qualified after two years run. SINOYQX prepared the patents for international markets for more application. Meanwhile it solved the headache problem where any foam manufacturer or convertor is facing that the sea of waste of foam, chip, pieces melamine foam or other flexible PU foam.

SINOYQX Bonded foam (also known as rebounded or composite foam) is produced (patented formula gluing and experienced production) using chips or shredded flexible melamine foam and or recycled polyurethane foam. Trim materials are shredded, coated with binder, placed in molds and compressed to the required density. The binder is then activated and cured to produce bonded foam blocks.

SINOYQX Bonded foam has two types, one is Pure shredded flexible melamine foam (density from 30KG/M3 to 120KG/M3 after patented bonded); the other is Shredded flexible melamine foam and Shredded flexible polyurethane foam (density from 40KG/M3 to 135KG/M3 after patented bonded). Or other required densities and thickness.

YQX bonded melamine foam for floor pads

SINOYQX Bonded Foam is used primarily as floor pad, an acoustic covering in driver’s cabins, furniture applications (Mattress and sofa), engine compartments, compressors, generators, fans, turbines, Carpet padding, Weight equipment, Motorcycle seats, Tractor seats, Restaurants booths, Bar seats, filling in fire door, pumps or similar constructions; thanks for its Good acoustic insulating properties, Good vibration-damping properties, Good fire-resistance properties, Good cleaning performance but more strength and durable than pure melamine foam.

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