SINOYQX Launched YQX TG Thermoplastic Foam

On 2nd, April, 2018, SINOYQX officially launched its YQX TG Thermoplastic Foam. YQX TG Thermoplastic Foam is an open-cell, thermoplastic structural melamine resin flexible foam with excellent sound absorption, thermal insulation, chemical resistance, fire-resistance and light weight properties. It is easy to thermoform and process mechanically for sound and thermal insulation; it is also suitable for lamentation with aluminum foil and non-woven fabrics, etc. to offers great chemical resistance, and resistance against UV rays. It is very heat-resistant(up to 240), and low-temperature resistance (up to -180) and does not post expand or outgas.

YQX TG Thermoplastic Foam possesses several features which can satisfy all needs of customer. It could remain flexible in a wild range of temperature(from 240 to -180). So it’s a good choice for industries which have temperature requirement. It is fiber-free and easy cutting, so it can be cut to any shapes and sizes according to customer’s needs. It also has features of light weight and chemical resistance, which have great energy-efficiency and could give corrosion protection to products.

YQX TG Thermoplastic Foam 1

It is usually applied to automobile, ship and boat engine parts as thermal insulation and sound absorption. Automobile manufacturer such as Volkswagen has applied this foam as engine cover. And it could also be applied to industrial components such as containers and X-ray tables.

YQX TG Thermoplastic Foam also has great post-processing property. Mechanical cutting, laminated with aluminum foil, non-woven fabric and adhesive bonding, vacuum compressing is all available for YQX TG thermoplastic foam.

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SINOYQX, based in Sichuan, China, is a huge chemical entity, producing products based on melamine, and is the second largest melamine foam manufacturer after BASF, producing melamine foam, hydrophobic melamine foam, Tranqex Insulator (an alternative of 3M Thinsulate), acoustic, and thermal insulation, and magic sponges etc., for acoustic, sound and thermal insulation, and cleaning supplies applications.

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