SINOYQX Melamine Foam Insulates LNT A-BOX LNG Carrier

China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) organized a steel cutting ceremony for the first 45,000 m3 LNG carrier for Saga LNG Shipping on September 11th, 2018. The vessel is based on the LNT45 design from LNG New Technologies and will be the first LNG carrier with the new LNT A-BOX® containment system.

“we encounter difficulties during the melamine foam installation, for it is first time to use melamine foam in LNG tank carrier, there is no example to follow up, we must know how to use by ourselves”, the project manager Mr. Zhang said to SINOYQX; but it worked well thanks that both sides made efforts.

It is the first time that SINOYQX Melamine Foam, thanks for its excellent sound insulation, thermal insulation (-165 degree) performance, low temperature flexibility, light weight, fire-resistance, etc, is applied for the low temperature (-165 degree) insulation in LNG carrier in the world. The melamine foam is used as insulation and cushioning material between different boxes in the A-box LNG carrier.

The LNT A-BOX® is based on an IMO independent tank type A as the primary barrier, a conventional cargo tank support system and liquid tight thermal insulation attached to the hull compartment acting as a full secondary barrier.

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SINOYQX, based in Sichuan, China, is a huge chemical entity, producing products based on melamine, and is the second largest melamine foam manufacturer after BASF, producing melamine foam, hydrophobic melamine foam, Tranqex Insulator (an alternative of 3M Thinsulate), acoustic, and thermal insulation, and magic sponges etc., for acoustic, sound and thermal insulation, and cleaning supplies applications.

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