SINOYQX Released an Upgraded Brand Logo

SINOYQX released its brand upgraded LOGO on 14th, April 14,2023. SINOYQX will be specialized in providing solutions for thermal insulation, sustainable green agriculture and ecological landscape construction in the next 10 years.

SINOYQX has developed from the initial single melamine foam into the current multiple types and multiple derivative processing products, and wide ranges of applications. SINOYQX has insisted on continuous innovation and research of melamine foam and its applications to keep up with the pace of the leader, BASF, in past 10 years.

SINOYQX Released an Upgraded Brand Logo

SINOYQX new LOGO was designed by Chengdu GeShang Advertising Media Co. in past one year. The previous sharp outline was abandoned, while, more rounded glyph outline of the new LOGO was created for a visually freshness, more dynamic and friendliness. Green is still applied to express a young, environmentally sustainable image.

In the next 10 years, SINOYQX will focus on carbon neutral applications and created a novel vacuum insulation panel with melamine foam as core to provide better efficiency for cold chain and green low carbon buildings.

SINOYQX will be dedicated to develop sustainable green agriculture to solve the key troubles of agriculture, water shortage, by providing better efficient green and sustainable water retention and storage solutions.

For more information about SINOYQX’s LOGO and next 10 years plans, please contact us at , or call contact us at +86-28-8411-1861.

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