UPC’s High-pressure Melamine plant trial run

UPC’s High-pressure Melamine plant on 16 December, resumed trial run after nearly 10 years shut down. The product analysis was all qualified and the production was transferred to normal production, marking the successful start-up of the 30,000 tons/year High-pressure melamine.

Melamine is a downstream product of urea with high market potential and good economic benefits, mainly used in various laminates, coatings, paper treatment agents, construction and automobile industries, with a very broad application prospect.

The 30,000 ton/year melamine plant of UPC adopts the high-pressure melamine production technology of Eurotecnica, Italy, and is the only melamine production plant of PetroChina. The raw materials required for the production of melamine plant, urea and liquid ammonia, are self-supplied by the company, and the balance of electricity, steam, circulating water, desalination water and other supporting public works and auxiliary works with the existing public works can be achieved, which provides a strong guarantee for the resumption of production of melamine plant.

In order to achieve the safe resumption of production, UPC concentrated its efforts on the compliance transformation of the combustion system of melamine plant and flue gas analysis sampling and analysis during the resumption of maintenance, and also commissioned Sichuan Energy Investment Construction Group Design and Research Institute Co.

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SINOYQX is a huge chemical entity based on gas chain, manufacturing urea (AdBlue), melamine, melamine foam, melamine cyanurate (MCA), polyphosphate (MPP), polyvinyl butyral resin (low-polymerization PVB resin), and other chemical products. The annual capacity of AdBlue is 150,000Litters and 600,000Tons of Granule; Melamine 50,000Tons; Melamine foam is 200,000M3, the Melamine Cyanurate (MCA) is 50,000Tons. And the Transulate (an Equivalent of 3M Thinsulate) is 20,000 Sqm, per day.

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