Melamine Foam for LNG Ships Thermal Insulation

LNG ships are one of the most difficult ships to build after aircraft carriers, because LNG ships transport liquefied natural gas, and the -163°C background also turns LNG directly into a running refrigerated warehouse. And natural gas is an extremely dangerous energy source. It has been exposed to the wind and sun for more than ten days at sea. What should we do if there is a leak? Therefore, the requirements for the construction materials of LNG ships are extremely demanding. They must not only have excellent and extremely low thermal conductivity, but also have strong toughness and anti-expansion capabilities.

Melamine Foam for LNG Ships Thermal Insulation

Among them, the boil-off rate (BOR) is one of the important indicators to measure the performance of the hull enclosure system. The BOR has nothing to do with the route, environment, and other factors of the LNG ship, and is determined by the insulation performance of the containment system itself. The thermal insulation of the envelope system depends largely on the insulation materials used. The insulation materials used in cargo tank design are crucial to the safety and economy of LNG ships. On the one hand, it prevents LNG leakage from causing low-temperature damage to the hull components. On the other hand, it can effectively reduce the introduction of external heat and reduce the evaporation of LNG.

LNG ship cold and thermal insulation materials should meet the requirements of low thermal conductivity, low density, low hygroscopicity, low water absorption, strong frost resistance, no cracking at extremely low temperatures, good fire resistance, low smoke density, odorless, and not prone to mildew, harmless to human body, high mechanical strength, durability, and convenient construction.

Which material can meet the above conditions and take on this important task? The answer is melamine foam. SINOYQX Melamine foam is a three-dimensional grid structure with 99% openings and the length-diameter ratio (L/D) of the grid is between 10-20. The fine three-dimensional grid structure can effectively prevent the convective heat transfer of the air, coupled with the unique low thermal stability, it has a good thermal insulation effect (thermal conductivity, 0.035 W/(m*K)), become an irreplaceable lightweight thermal insulation material of LNG ship.

SINOYQX Melamine foam is a flexible elastomer plastic material with a three-dimensional network structure. It still maintains a complete physical and chemical structure at minus 196 degrees Celsius, so it still has excellent thermal conductivity at low temperatures and inhibits the convection of the inside and outside environments. Conduction and radiation heat conduction, excellent fire resistance (B1, UL94 V0 and HL-1) and insulating properties (does not generate any static and antistatic), acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, light weight, and low temperature flexibility, etc. Performance. And because melamine foam is an elastic but non-fiber material, does not contain any dust, halogenated-free and hydrocarbons-free, flame retardants and/or toxic heavy metals-free, especially suitable for places with particularly high eco-friendly requirements , cold storage (pharmaceutical processing plant, fruit and vegetable preservation processing plant, food processing plant, meat processing plant and cold drink factory), cold insulation (thermal and acoustic insulation), refrigerated/freezer cold insulation (thermal and acoustic insulation), LNG liquefied storage tank cold insulation (thermal and acoustic insulation), LNG liquefied transport vehicle or Ship thermal insulation (thermal and acoustic insulation).

At the same time of thermal insulation, SINOYQX melamine foam also has excellent sound absorption performance (0.95NRC), so that the operation of freezer refrigerator/freezer cabinet, LNG storage tank, LNG vehicle or ship protection is quieter, to achieve multiple functions of noise reduction, heat insulation and heat preservation.

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