Noisy Chemical Plant? Let us Show you Industrial Noise Reduction Ideas!

Petrochemical industry is a large category in industry with complex processes and demanding production processes. Therefore, a production line will use a lot of equipment, such as heat transfer equipment, crushing and mixing equipment, separation equipment, refrigeration equipment, packaging, transportation, storage, and transportation, etc. This equipment will generate a lot of noise, so industrial noise reduction needs to be implemented for factory boundary noise and workshop noise. Otherwise, it will not only endanger the health of workshop workers, but also disturb surrounding residents and trigger complaints. Next, we will share with your ideas for industrial noise reduction in the petroleum industry.

First, we need to clarify the goals of noise control. According to national noise regulations, industrial sites must not be higher than 85 decibels, but most chemical plants can reach more than 100 decibels, so we need to reduce it by about 20 decibels. There are many sources of noise in the petrochemical industry, such as fans, air compressors, pulverizes, heating furnaces, point east roads, air coolants, compressors, etc. We need to gradually control the noise in different places and machine rooms where different equipment is located.

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  1. Noise control in the equipment room: Install melamine sound-absorbing materials on the ceiling and walls of the equipment room, install soundproof doors and windows, and install shock absorbers, spring damping shock absorbers, vibration reduction and noise reduction devices on the equipment in the equipment room.

  1. Compressor/motor/fan/water pump/cooling tower noise reduction: Use a sound insulation cover, semi-enclosed or fully enclosed, leaving a door that can be inspected, and pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation measures. Or use soundproof walls to avoid the spread of vibration and aerodynamic noise.

  1. Vibration reduction and noise reduction of pipeline valves: The pipelines must be sound-insulated and wrapped and arranged reasonably.

  1. Noise control measures in other aspects: Machine lubrication must be done well, which can reduce the noise caused by friction, improve the accuracy of equipment and machines, and reduce a large amount of noise caused by low accuracy during operation. Welding technology can be used instead of riveting, and the machine must be maintained correctly and maintained regularly.

Industrial noise reduction cannot be ignored for corporate factories, especially whether it will affect residential areas. If your factories and industrial equipment have serious noise problems, our melamine foam can help you solve them!

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