SINOYQX Launched YQX-L Melamine Foam Type for Cryogenic Applications

SINOYQX, on 28th, March 22, 2023, launched its specially designed for cryogenic application, YQX-L type, a cold-flexible melamine foam with durable and energy-efficient cryogenic insulation. It is an ideal material to insulate LOX, LNG pipe, LNG Carriers, tanks, gas treatment machinery.

YQX-L, by SINOYQX, is similar with BASF Basotect C version, exhibits unique performance as bellowing.

  • Very good thermal insulation up to -196°C
  • Outstanding flexibility even at very low temperatures
  • Low water vapor permeability
  • Excellent flame retardance (B1)
  • Easy and tight installation with vapor barriers
  • White and grey color is available


YQX-L, by SINOYQX, as Sandwich buffer layer, were applicable into the LNT A-BOX® is based on an IMO independent tank type A as the primary barrier, a conventional cargo tank support system and liquid tight thermal insulation attached to the hull compartment acting as a full secondary barrier.


This unique insulation melamine foam for cryogenic applications by SINOYQX offers tightness, energy efficiency, durability and safety for the treatment, storage and transport of liquefied gases.


For more information about YQX-L Melamine Foam, please reach us at or voice to us: +86-28-8411-1861.

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