SINOYQX Melamine Foam Enables Efficient Ink Storage in Printers

The printer cartridge is one of the basic accessories of the printer, and there is usually a small sponge embedded in the cartridge. This sponge is the printer cartridge sponge. If there is no sponge in the ink cartridge, the ink poured in will thicken quickly or even dry out, making it inconvenient to use and difficult to clean. But the ink in the sponge can be kept for a very long time, so it plays the role of ink storage.

Printer cartridges are generally made of polymer materials, which have higher density and lighter weight. The density and hardness of the sponge are very important. A sponge that is too hard can easily cause the nozzle to clog, and a sponge that is too soft cannot absorb waste ink. It is located at the bottom of the printer’s nozzle and plays the role of absorbing ink, filtering ink and protecting the nozzle. This greatly reduces printer head clogging and can also control the amount of ink ejection, making printing results clearer.

SINOYQX melamine foam has unique chemical and physical stability through its three-dimensional network cross-linked structure composed of microfibers. It has strong adsorption, flame retardant, high and low temperature resistance (-180°C-200°C), acid and alkali resistance, and its hygiene can meet food hygiene requirements. The pore size is fine, and the nanotube microporous structure formed after wetting has strong oil absorption, good oil storage and oil conductivity. Used to store ink, ensure that the printer nozzle is moist, and improve the ink level of the printer’s ink cartridge.

Printer cartridge foam is a flexible open foam made of melamine as raw material by high-temperature foaming. Its stable chemical structure and three-dimensional grid structure system give it unique chemical and physical stability.

SINOYQX Melamine Foam Enables Efficient Ink Storage in Printers

Characteristics of melamine foam used as ink absorbing material for ink cartridges

High open cell ratio: SINOYQX melamine foam is a three-dimensional grid structure system with fully opened cells. The length-to-diameter ratio (L/D) of the grid is between 10-20. The open cell rate of melamine foam is as high as more than 99%, which can store ink efficiently without ink leakage.

Stability: SINOYQX melamine foam is a thermosetting organic plastic and has a highly fine three-dimensional network cross-linked structure, which can resist many organic solvents. Melamine foam has properties such as acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance, and antibacterial properties, and is suitable for printer ink cartridges to absorb and store ink.

High density: SINOYQX melamine foam has a minimum density of 8.5KG/M3. It is one of the lightest foams in the world. In addition, it is highly flexible, more wear-resistant and less likely to drip ink.

The printer cartridge sponge plays an important role in the printing process. If there are problems with the sponge, such as aging, tearing, etc., it will cause the ink flow to be out of control, ultimately affecting the print quality. In addition, if you do not use the printer for a long time, the ink in the sponge will gradually dry up, which may also cause the printer to become unusable.

The inkjet printer ink-absorbing sponge made of melamine foam has a large oil-absorbing and ink-absorbing capacity, is corrosion-resistant, has strong penetration, and does not leak oil. Melamine foam makes up for the inherent defects of ordinary printer ink-absorbing sponges that are easy to crack, fall off and wear out quickly, and has become a new type of ink-absorbing material for printer ink cartridges.

How to maintain printer ink cartridge sponge?

Clean the sponge regularly: Use the printer cleaning tool to clean the nozzles, which can effectively remove ink and dust around the nozzles. When cleaning, you need to turn on the printer and follow the operating instructions for cleaning.

Avoid wasting ink: Since sponges have a limited capacity to absorb ink, you need to reduce wasted ink. When you usually use the printer, you can choose the appropriate print quality to avoid ink waste.

Replace the sponge: The sponge life of an inkjet printer is generally several years, and it needs to be replaced in time when the sponge is worn, dry or damaged. When replacing the sponge, you need to read the printer manual carefully and follow the operating steps.

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